Simple Word Does not mean you are less educated.

' use big words to make people respect you '.

There a lot of people out there trying to use big words to attract people to look at them and think that they are educated enough and reliable. I do not know why but everyone seem to believe this kind of concept.

When a person use big words rhyming, quoting philosophy, literature, make a good sentences, thing that other people could not understand but it sound fantastic, then people start to believe this kind of person. Why?

If a person use a simple word, people will think that this person is not educated enough compare to the previous one I've mentioned. What is going on with the world today?

I always use simple words but does not mean that i don't know about stuff. I love literature and during my secondary school and university time, i read a lot of literature and i love poem, lyrics, because those thing are beautiful. But i do not speak like those thing that i read. For me, it sound stupid. I love to use simple words. Sometimes too simple making people think that i am dumb and do not know anything. This is the mentality of our people.

I do not know and i do not understand why people cannot accept simple words as a solution for their non educated brain. Why must i use words that only some can understand?

Until the end, i will always love and keep my word simple. It does not mean that i do not know but it simply mean that i want other to understand me.


  1. have u ever come across authors that write everything in passive words, use bombastic words all the way that u can't make sense of it, that makes u read a single sentence for 2 to 3 times to get the meaning?

    I dont like them. Paolo coelho said, what's the point of thousands words if ur reader can't grasp the meaning (^^) I also keep things simple as long as what I mean is clearly understood.


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