The Viral Factor crushing Malaysia

I did not say this movie is a good one cause the plot was too draggy and too many repetition. I believe everyone in this movie have seven life like a cat except the authority. It is a weak story plot yet its enough for a whole story to flow until the end.

I love the fact that this movie was shot almost 90% in Malaysia. From this movie, you can see that Malaysia can have real shooting action compare to our own movie like KL gangster or whatever. After watching this movie, I found that KL gangster is too lame.

I am fascinated by the fact that they can make a crazy action stunt and shooting act in front of busy city of KL and without asking people to leave town before they shoot ( like all malaysian movie always do). They really potray the busy life of the city yet they can be explosion, car crashing, shooting and many more. It explored all the possibility of thing that can be done in Malaysia.

Respect to our authority even their part mostly only as a victim of shooting in this movie.

Anyway, it is a good action pack movie. The plot is just long with so many repetition, yet in the end it kind of summarize everything. Anyone who love action movie, or Jay Chow, should be able to enjoy this movie.

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