Learn Your Way of Driving in Kota Kinabalu

Ok..today i am pissed off with a jerk whom think that he is the right one while there is a clearly evidence that he is a jerk. Looking at his face, written there on his forehead IM A JERK AND STUPID.


This happen just now when i was driving to 1borneo. For everybody information, that road i am using, is the road that i use everyday to work.

For those KK people, they will understand this better. The road was previously a 2 lane road which enter a roundabout. The left lane was use to enter the roundabout and also to exit to the city center. It has been that way since long long time ago..until... a few months ago when the road was upgraded to prevent traffic jam. 3 lane was installed and the 2 right lane was use to enter the roundabout and the 3rd left lane was use to exit to city center.

So the story began like this. I was driving like usual, i can close my eyes also cause i know the road really well. I was in the 2nd left lane. On my right was a toyota hilux goint to enter the round about. On my left was the jerk viva and at that momment i don;t know that he was a jerk. I was in the middle, and i am about to enter the roundabout also.

As me and the Toyata hilux enter the round about, there is no problem until i realize, the jerk on the left was about to enter the round about too.. What the hell. Who gave him the right to enter the roundabout. Where should i go? There is only 2 lane in the roundabout. As i was in shock, i just keep maintain my course cause i am in the right lane, the toyota hilux was in the correct lane, we both enter the roundabout and the jerk need to break his car immediately.

Then, the jerk follow my car and horn me, and shout from his window saying that I have no brain driving like that...

Driving like what? Driving correctly following the rules is no brain? Haha.

I shout at the jerk saying that he was on the wrong lane and why did he enter the roundabout, he cannot do that.

But as u know, people won't listen. he keep shouting and even said that he is driving his family with children inside and i still have no brain..

What a jerk. He is the one who have no brain and should drive carefully and dont enter a wrong lane and get your children killed. If the children were killed during this incidence, i will certainly ask them to pay me still for my car damage. I am not that super kind of person.

I guess he will get his family killed someday if he keep doing thing like that - stupid.

I believe we should educate people reagarding stuff like this. Roundabout is a dangerous obstacle in driving. And if you in KK, please remember that your lane may not permit you to enter the roundabout. it is not the roundabout in your kampung, this is a big and nasty roundabout that can get you kill.

Anyway, patience. Let that jerk be a jerk. He will learn his mistake somehow someday. I feel funny for him. He is so funny. Angry and thinking that he is the right one..while clearly written on his forehead



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