I've been doing some reading on dream. I love dream..not dreaming per say. I love the physiology of dreaming. Yes, it is true that previously people classified dream as a psychological phenomenon but now it is proven to be physiological phenomenon and it is still mysterious until today.

No one can explain dream but we know how it happen but we do not know why it happen.. and i love to think about it. And every time i had a dream, i always think about it back. Not to believe it like some lunatic people do, but i love thinking about the nature of the dream.

This is a few thing about dream that i realize when i think about it back.

Before that, dream is actually a phenomenon that happen during our NREM and REM sleep. Both stages of sleep here produce different kind of dream. Some scientist believe that NREM sleep produce more positive emotion or dream and REM sleep produce the opposite. People who dream a lot in REM sleep tend to have some kind of anxiety and depression. It is a theory and no one can prove it yet. In our REM (random eye movement) sleep, our brain activity is somehow increase like when we are awake and our eye is moving around rapidly and randomly under our shut eye lids. Why it happen? No one knows. When we dream, our brain shut off our body and make us paralyze so that we did not harm ourselves during dreaming cause our brain is active as day time. Meaning that we can actually jump, run, and maybe kill someone when we are asleep if our body is not paralyze during dreaming.

Some disorder called REM Sleep disorder cause someone to shout, walk, kick, punch, when they are asleep as if the dream was actually real. If that person dream about been chasing by a dog, he would actually run when he was actually still asleep. This happen because the brain failed to block all the chemical receptor in the brain and this literally cause our body unable to be paralyze during sleep. Some experiment were done using cats few years ago where they remove those area of the brain in a cat that responsible for paralyzing itself during sleep and guess what happen, that cat walk, play as if it not sleeping but the eye were tightly closed.

So, forget about that. I believe you can read a lot of stuff about dream in American Journal of Psychology and other scientific publication about dream ( lot of people are trying to study and solved the mystery of dreaming).

Three thing that i realize (lets go back to that). First, i realize when i dream, most of my dreaming is mute.... i can't hear their voices but i somehow understand what they say and it look like we are all communicating with each other like normal, like the sound is there but when you remember back your dream, you can't remember any sound inside it. The dream was only picture with no sound but you understand what people were saying to you inside your dream. For example, once i dream about my friend mad at me and scold me, but i can't hear his voice...just the lips moving. But yet i know he is mad at me, and he is shouting at me. But i could not remember his voice. I could not remember about his face also, and i don't know how did i know that he is my friend while i actually cannot recognize him at all.

Second thing, face can change inside our dream. Sometime you dream about your girlfriend, you think that both of you is spending time together inside your dream, went to a restaurant or something and seconds later you realize that that was not your girlfriend. She was a total stranger or becoming someone else. yet you still cool with that situation ( you never freak out when you realize that person beside you is someone else if you are dreaming. In reality, if this happen you will be totally freak out). Sometime, face changing happen in front of you when you are dreaming. I once dream about meeting a friend, and from far i know he is A, but when he get closer, he become B. And in the end i confused when i woke up whether i met A or B inside my dream.

Third thing is, your personality will not change when you dream. If you are a nerd, when you dream you will still be a nerd. If you a bully, in your dream you will still be a bully. I mean, you will not change to become someone else. If you are a good guy, inside your dream you will always remain a good guy.

Fourth, you are never in first person perspective in dream. In our real life, we always in a first person perspective...impossible to be second person or third person ( that would be against our physics and nature rule). But in dream, sometime you are in this second person perspective. Like you are watching a movie about yourself chased by a group of crazy people. You feel that you are running, you are tired, and at the same time, you are watching yourself chased by someone. Its is super weird. Sometime it is too mixed up and you did not know whether you are dreaming about yourself or you are watching your own dream....in a dream.

Dream have no limit. No boundaries. It can go beyond the law of physics. You can fly in your dream. You can get shot and died and live again in a dream. I once dream about getting shot dead, i know that i am dead, but then i remember after i am dead inside that dream, i went to visit a friend. And i totally forgot that i am dead, and then i woke up and realize that i am dreaming.

Dream is so mysterious. So fascinating. It is like trying to tell us something but it is random. Sometime does not make any sense.

Scientist believed that our subconscious part of the brain is the one responsible for the dream. It tries to organize all the information that we received and choose which one to store and which one to delete. In this process, all the data is randomly distributed and sent through out our millions neurons in the brain. it does not follow like what our conscious part of the brain do. In conscious part of the brain, everything transmitted must be reanalyzed and the data produce must have sense before it finalized. It subconscious part, all the data arranged ignoring whether it make sense or not. Pure data factory... This is why our body were intentionally paralyzed during our sleep because if it did not, we might have fly away from our bedroom during our sleep.......

If someone know more about interesting thing about dream tell me at ascap23@gmail.com


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