A picture tell a thousand story 1

A picture can tell a lot of story. When i look into my hard disk, there is a lot of random picture that i took, most of it during my student time before i start working. Guess after i start working, life becoming the same everyday and not much picture need to be taken.

This picture was taken on my final momment in Medical school. This is 'Lokan bakar' or in english i guess i can call it Grill clam or something. This cuisine can be found near Sulaman area Kota Kinabalu just before we reach Karambunai Resort. Before the roundabout to Karambunai or to Kudat if i am not mistaken.

When i took this picture, it was the last time i ate at that place. My girlfriend insist of going there as we never had the opportunity to go there before. Thus, after our final exam, we went there and ate those clam. It us just a plain claim burn on top of open fire, and it is served best with chilli and coconut puding.

This clam gain a lot of media coverage when promoting Sabah to tourist. It became like a tourist attraction. But i would not recommend it to tourist because the hygiene of this place..has a lot of space to be improved. Nevertheless, we did try to eat here and we did not get sick.

But when i work as a doctor now, i realize that this place is an endemic place for cholera. So beware.

I never went to this place again after this picture moment. Maybe i am health conscious now. Or maybe i did not find grilled clam that much fascinating. But i did enjoy my time here. You know, eating with your love one will always be the best.


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