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The Avenger is Iron Man

Maybe it's the iron man. He is the one who can light up the whole avengers thing.  \  This movie, to tell the truth, may not be the best superhero ever, but it is sure a nice and you will miss something if you did not watch this movie. After all the franchise movie regarding the introduction of avengers, i can say this movie is one of the best after the iron man movie.  Iron man is, i guess, the best superhero ever created. He act like a normal billionaire human being, he never hide his identity, he is just plain human that have super powers. I love iron man movie. The previous two movie of iron man is superb. The rest.....hulk...I can accept the 2nd film not the first one. Thor....lame. Captain america....super lame. But when all of them put together with iron man, it can still be the best.  The film consist of two and a half hour action packed type of movie with lots of slapstick jokes that can instantly make you laugh. The cgi.... I hate to admit this, is su

Battleship 2012

Battleship sure is a 'huha' huge movie. With the advertisement saying it was from the same producer for the Transformer or what so ever, people tend to categorized this movie a good movie even before they watch it. They even did not realize the reality that Transformer end up being a lame movie in the last 2 franchise. The ads were great. Looking at the trailer before the movie comes out make me feel that I must watch this movie. This could be the best of movie for this year....hardly it will. I end up watching this movie last Sunday. Before I enter the cinema hall, I already realize something odd... there is children around 10-12 years old everywhere. Parent brought all of their small children to enter the cinema hall. It gave me a hint, this movie is targeting this age group of audience. The movie turn out to be ok. Nothing much except explosion, explosion, and more explosion, until you fed up with it and I fell asleep in the middle of the battle with lots of explos