I read a news article this morning. Click here to read the article. The article explaining regarding the habit of binge drinking in Sabah.

This matter has been a concern in this state since years ago but somehow, no one are able to change the habit as it is a part of cultural value in this state.

This binge drinking leading to a lot of complication which i hate to face in my work. During my medical posting, a lot of people were admitted because of liver cirrhosis. All of them causing us headache when they tend to bleed from the oesophagus due to the failing liver.

Now working in Emergency and Trauma Department, alcohol is my number one enemy. Most of the patient that was admitted to this department are due to motor vehicle accident under alcohol influence, alcohol intoxication, and a lot of crazy problem caused by alcohol. Even one patient died due to gastric perforation after binge drinking.

My religion forbid me to drink alcohol but i never judge people that drink alcohol due to my religion perspective. I don't care if they drink but i do care if they came to me half dead need to be revive.

Why do people drink alcohol if they know it is bad. Even if i can drink it, i won't.

How do people did not realize the bad consequences from drinking?

It can cause your liver to be damaged, cause you higher risk of getting a car accident, it can cause you to behave like a child and stupid...

I cannot stand anymore with those people.

Please if you too stupid enough to drink... don't drive, don't quarrel and stab each other...just stay at home and die peacefully from Gastric perforation................ and don't let your family sue the hospital saying that we did nothing to help you after you die!


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