Telling story

I've been in love with writing since I was in primary school. The subject I love was Bahasa as I have the opportunity to write story. Reading and writing. Even before that I enjoy writing.

I remember before even I enter a TADIKA, I was maybe around 3 to 4 years old, I didn't know how to read and write, yet I love sketching a book with something that look like a writing. It look like a 'worm like' font. I don't know what am I doing but I love to imitate people writing.

When I start learning how to write, as I told earlier I love writing story. Too bad all the story I wrote in school just disappear like that. Never thought of keeping it as a memory.

Secondary school...

I fell in love with hip hop. Lots of people judge hip hop whether it is a music or not that time. Lots of people said that it is not an art. For them art is singing with a correct pitch, notes, melodious.. They did not realize that they were too closed minded. For me, all sound is music. Does not matter if it is thrash metal, black metal, tribe song, anything. Music is an art which combined the 6th notes, blend it, optional adding of good lyric and story or maybe the 6th notes stand for itself.

The most important thing is, music always tells a story. This is where closed mind people forget when they judge hip hop. Rap song tells story directly without the need of pain on understanding their art. Honesty and good story telling is the essence of a good rap song, and even all song should have this element.

I fell in love with hip hop because their story telling part. I love the way they rhyme with their words. I have my own lyric book myself. I forget where I put it but its somewhere in my house in my hometown. I don't want to look back at it cause I'm to immature back then.

Other than writing lyrics, I also write a few short story when I had my first PC at home. I can remember all the story that I wrote but too bad, virus ate them all. Without a good knowledge in technology at that time, technology itself can be hazardous. All my story disappear when I formatted my PC due to computer virus infection. Never thought of back up during those day.

In the University, I found blog. Its a good way to keep all my writing intact for such a long time. I remember my first blog entry regarding riding a bus to the college. After that I keep up writing until today.

Blog is different. In blog, I share a lot of my thought, my trip, all the thing that is interesting that I wanted to share. A few of my fellow bloggers back then when I started blogging with friendster blog stop blogging after a group of people start debating blog as a diary. People start saying that blogger is a kind of narcist people.

Today, people start changing their mind set about bloggers because we all know that some information of your life can be worth a millions for others. And I believe lots of blogger know that posting about thing you do everyday is not right if it is not necessary. For example, you post that you woke up in the morning, having a bowl of cereal, waiting your friend at the bus stop, then ride in their car... This thing is stupid even for others to read. Blog usually tell people about your trip, interesting thing you found today, where you eat, cause thing can give good info to others who might have same interest as you.

So after lots and lots of post for years, I started to realize that I indeed love writing. If I compile all my blog post, it can be enough to be a book.

Then I realize, I shud write something that is significance. I have a lot of story to tell. But I never dare to write it seriously. I'm afraid that if I write, people will criticised. I'm so negative about the outcomes. Will people read about what I write. Even my blog did not have that much traffic to be start with.

But my passion is writing. I should start writing something.

I write this entry just to give myself a motivation to start writing. Maybe after I post this, 3 months later I would have a product. Or maybe this entry would only be reminder for me years later so I can say to myself "what the hell, I haven't write anything until today".

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