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Doktor Pemarah

One patient came and sit in front of me " doctor, I feel dizzy". I try to dig some more history however something is fishy. I asked her " do you have fever?" She answers, " yes." Do you have nausea or vomiting? She again answered "yes". Any abdominal pain? Yes. Any blurred vision? Yes. Chest pain? Yes. Are you working tomorrow? "Yes, I think I can't go to work, doctor." Case solved. Diagnosis - MC seeker. Some people/patient is really a pain in the ass. Sometime they can make me lost my patience. For every question I asked, I did not ask it like those worker who are conducting a survey. They have fixed question to ask without using a single brain cell. For me, at 3 am in the morning, I was so tired plus aching in my head thinking of a diagnosis of a patient with dizziness, blurred vision, chest pain, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting..... Sound dangerous.. But she is 20 years healthy looking female. I hate when it came to this situat

Battle of Modern and Tradisional Medicine

"I have cured my hypertension. My blood pressure never high anymore. I checked. Always normal. Doctor also said I do not need medication anymore" says a patient on a hospital emergency and department bed with an ECG beside him showing T wave inversion in all lead, he is complaining of chest pain, his Trop I was high and his blood pressure... 260/135. I'm imagining his head explode with that pressure so high. What can cured hypertension? Diabetes? Even cancer? You won't find cure for this disease in a thick well recognized medical textbook, but you will find this all over the place here in our country. Traditional practioner still gaining point after long way of battle with modern medicine and somehow they always win or they never lose. People tend to believe something or someone can cured them. Imagine of you go to a hospital and you are diagnosed with Diabetes. In the beginning the medical doctor will stand in front of you and says " your disease will never be c

A concern to Malaysia Government

I try not to talk about politics in my blog. This is not like a politic post but more like a citizen post who sit under the middle class group of Malaysian. I have observe a lot of wind of change flying everywhere. I don't like to be involved in politic but I do have my right to vote. I never against government and I never reject opposition. Which one that make sense would be enough for me. I just feel that from my point of view, talking to a lot of patient, a lot of middle class goverment servant, private worker, coffee talk, pedestrian, stranger in a cinema, ear dropping them all.. I guess I have not met one person that agree that the current government should continue ruling this country? Why? We did live peacefully. We are much more peaceful compare to other country in south east asia. What is wrong with the government? It is actually not the policy or law that concern this middle and lower class group of citizen which make the most of voters.. It is the person who are on the