Battle of Modern and Tradisional Medicine

"I have cured my hypertension. My blood pressure never high anymore. I checked. Always normal. Doctor also said I do not need medication anymore" says a patient on a hospital emergency and department bed with an ECG beside him showing T wave inversion in all lead, he is complaining of chest pain, his Trop I was high and his blood pressure... 260/135. I'm imagining his head explode with that pressure so high.

What can cured hypertension? Diabetes? Even cancer? You won't find cure for this disease in a thick well recognized medical textbook, but you will find this all over the place here in our country. Traditional practioner still gaining point after long way of battle with modern medicine and somehow they always win or they never lose.

People tend to believe something or someone can cured them. Imagine of you go to a hospital and you are diagnosed with Diabetes. In the beginning the medical doctor will stand in front of you and says " your disease will never be cured. You need to take medication and change your lifestyle.. For the rest of your life." How frightening is that. If you go to a traditional practioner in contrast they will says " with the permission of God, you will be healthy as soon as possible.

Without enough knowledge, even myself will choose to go to someone that can cure me. But how far is the truth? Closer to the lie it is.

I, standing with the modern medicine and evidence based medicine I learn for years did not deny completely the Traditional medication. Somehow, maybe, at certain point, the substance they used in the herbal medication they prepared could really be an active ingredient that can cure your disease. The question is, would you risk your precious life in 'maybe', 'somehow', 'at certain point'.

Modern medicine originated from Traditional medication. After thousand years studying and filtering all the side effect that the herbs can cause, born a drug that is safe that can be use with full knowledge on its effectiveness, side effect and how to reverse the effect. This is the only difference. If you take the herbal medication, how do you measure how much is the dose that you required before the thing become poisonous? You can't tell.

A patient with a heart attack, still firm on his stand that his blood pressure is cured by the traditional medication in front of me. If it really cured then why is he here complaining of chest pain? Why is his BP shooting up high now?

With the best effort and the fullest energy, casualty doctor play their role, medical doctor throw away their weekend plan, the nurse leave their children at home, the pharmacist have to work extra time, cardiologist have to wake up at night from a deep sleep, just to treat and cure this patient.

Within few weeks, he is a normal person again. Escape from his death. His life is prolonged, another chance for him to be with his family. Now he is happy and he feels healthy.

In a few months he began to feel that the medication is a burden. He is handicapped with all the medication that he need to take. The burden cannot be tolerate anymore. He wants a cure.

And the one that can provide the cure is not the doctors. The cure is from God ( yes it is ) and from traditional medicine practitioner. Once again the cycle restart. We will never win, and they will never lose.
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  1. somehow i agree that there's minotity of people who rely to traditional medicine practitioner. For me, modern medication is much reliable since it's scientifically proven to cure more diseases. I do seek for cure from God but only through prayers and obedience


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