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Doktor Pemarah

One patient came and sit in front of me " doctor, I feel dizzy". I try to dig some more history however something is fishy.
I asked her " do you have fever?"

She answers, " yes."

Do you have nausea or vomiting?

She again answered "yes".

Any abdominal pain?


Any blurred vision?


Chest pain?


Are you working tomorrow?

"Yes, I think I can't go to work, doctor." Case solved. Diagnosis - MC seeker.

Some people/patient is really a pain in the ass. Sometime they can make me lost my patience. For every question I asked, I did not ask it like those worker who are conducting a survey. They have fixed question to ask without using a single brain cell. For me, at 3 am in the morning, I was so tired plus aching in my head thinking of a diagnosis of a patient with dizziness, blurred vision, chest pain, abdominal pain, nausea, vomiting..... Sound dangerous.. But she is 20 years healthy looking female. I hate when it came to this situation.

The thing is, we can give medical certificate if you want it. But 3 am in the morning and you are in emergency and trauma department where MC is not as easy as it look to give making my headache worse.

Another patient came," doctor I want to get dermato appointment for my body itchiness".

I tell him politely , " I'm very sorry but you can't cut the line. You have to wait. There is another 10 more patient waiting for their turn".

" No doctor, I can't wait. My body is itchy. I forgot to bring my medication at home"

You have medication? Where you get it from?

" I memang under follow up in private clinic but I cannot manage to pay rm30 every visit. I want to be follow up under goverment now. Just open a file for me to see dermatologist".

Its 3 am in the morning, why the hell you came for appointment at this hour?

" I went to dermatology clinic this morning, they asked me to come to casualty deparment first so I can get appointment".


Why the hell you came at 3am in the morning if they tell you to go here yesterday morning! And you can't cut the line!

That patient eventually get scolded by another angry waiting patient and he absconded...

Another patient came, "doctor I was having epigastric pain. I vomit 1 times while waiting for my turn, now I have no more epigastric pain"

Do you feel nauseated now?



You are 15 years old girl. Aren't you supposed to be at home with your parent now or whoever I don't care. Why are you here?

Then that girl mother came in... "Doctor, can give MC for my daughter? Already 4am, we wait for hours just now. Tomorow I think she cannot go to school.

"No!" I did not gave further explanation but her daughter is perfectly fine. Gave her some syrup magnesium trisilicate and she shud be fine. I almost reach my limit of coolness.

Later another uncle came, "doctor, I'm having cough for 1 week. I took cough medicine I bought from pharmacy but it only reduced my cough. It is still not resolving".

Any fever?


Any loss of appetite, weight, blood in sputum?


Difficulty breathing?


With a dull face, gave him so cough syrup, entertained him with some common antibiotic, go home! Please go home and sleep! Its 5 am in the morning!

Another patient came. A young girl, with headache. No need to tell details history, I diagnosed her with tension headache / migraine. Discharge with some pain killer. But then eventually she is a private nursing college student. And her tutor came upon me. "Doctor, I think she need MC."

" A time slip for her to rest for few hours should be fine"

" No doctor. If you give time slip, she don have place to rest here in hospital. Better gave MC so she can rest at her hostel. Here in hospital no place to rest"

You are right. No place to rest. And I'm tired than you. I need more rest than her. That is just a simple headache. Even the girl did not want an MC as she told me earlier. She just need a time slip for few hours rest.

Someone please give me a time slip to rest.

For the whole night, there are more than 30 patient with weird attitude and problem coming in to casualty department for some minor2 problem. I don't know why they came.

If you have dizziness or headache. Take a rest. Drink water. Hopefully the next morning you will be fine or if not then go see doctor in the clinic. You don't need to go to emergency department for that.

If you a having fever. The same thing. Rest first. Why you have to torture yourself waiting for hours in an uncomfortable place in hospital? It will make you feel worse.

If you have diarrhea, drink a lot of water.

If you are young I mean less then 1 years old or old enough = more than 70 years old then you are welcomed if you feel unwell cause we know you may need more attention. In between that, go sleep and go clinic tomorrow morning.

I almost lost my cool each time working in green zone. Day by day the patient become worse and worse. The one that did not need urgent medical attention are filling the green zone area. The one that need attention sometime left out behind.

Lot and lot patient will request for us to see them first cause they said they cannot tolerate the abdominal pain and everything, while an old auntie just sit patiently outside and she may have heart attack inside, we don't know cause they are not like those eager bloody fool young people who think that they are the only one who are sick in this world.

After a 6 hours sleep, having a good dinner with friends, I manage to tone my anger down. Tomorrow, will go to work again with a smile. Will keep my anger inside and be polite. But you know, sometime it hurt myself with my anger burning inside.
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