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Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter

Some people hate it so much. Some people say it is misleading. Some people say it ruined the history.... Whatever people say about it, it is certainly a good movie to watch. People nowadays tend to be biased on their judgment on movie. They watch they like and criticized other. I tend not to be like them but i too, in my humble opinion, sometime can be a little bias. However, i could not deny that this movie is one of the best 3D movie out there. How many 3D movie have you seen? How many if them really got that thrill and sensation of watching 3D movie? Less than 5 i believe. This is one of that minority. The effect in this movie sure can make you uncomfortable on your seat and sometime u tend to move a bit when something so sudden move towards you from the screen. I enjoy every bit of 3D effect in this movie.  Its worth of my rm14 that i spend for 3D version of this movie. If you think this movie is misleading and not based in real fact of history, well i believe twilight, har