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Raya 2012

When Ramadhan started, I feel so miserable. Not to say that I hate or whatever you close minded people want to say but working my ass off from 6 am till 7 pm really inconvenience during ramadhan. Whole other goverment worker can go back from work at 4 pm while we the doctors work till 7 pm. Enough said, I've been spending my iftar (berbuka puasa) eating left over food for patient most of the time this year. A few time when I have off day ( 4 times in the whole ramadhan) I went to buy something from baazar ramadhan. The rest - hospital food. And even I'm not working at night, I still have to go back at 7pm, way past the iftar at 6.30pm, sometime I did not eat during iftar instead just drink water and then later after 7pm I will go around and find some good food, ate that at around 8pm. Sleep at 10 pm and woke up at 3.30 am for sahur ( if got food, if not just ate candy or some cookies), then after that have to prepare to go to work. Must come to work at 6am. The whole month I am

Putatan Platinum Height Apartment Update

I feel cheated. Last year I bought an apartment in Putatan so called Putatan Platinum Height which is under SPNB. I'm very new in buying properties but the developer keep giving me good promise. I'm not expecting luxurious or maybe lots of bonus or present when I buy the house but I just need a time track on what's going on. They did gave me the time track on this project. It goes like this. The project will be completed this year around feb and maybe the key will be given by May 2012. That's the intitial time plan that they gave to me. I did bought it, arrange a loan, sacrifice my saving just to get the house which is a good investment also. Later, word is just a word. On May 2012 I ask the developer when the house will be completed. Even our Prime minister have to answer this question as maybe the developer already know what they did wrong. Not from the developer the answer came from our prime minister Dato' Seri Najib when he visited Sabah earlier this year that

Batman into my perspective.

I love batman since i was a little kid. Growing up with Tim Burton series of batman make me hard to adjust to the new trilogy of the dark knight. Even though i grew with it, somehow when i think about it, i do really want an improvement in batman movie. The last batman movie that i like before the dark knight was batman forever. I love jim carry playing The riddle. That movie did look childish but it is enough for a 12 years old kid to be entertained. When i get a little older, i started to think that all this batman movie is a crap. Why the hell bruce wayne always have different face in every movie? With the actor keep changing, in the end batman lose his identity. The only recognizable batman is the first two batman movie. They even put George Clooney as a batman. That is totally crap and bullshit. When christopher nolan started to make batman begins, i never really bother about it cause i hate batman a lot after Batman & Robin (the worse batman movie ever). I even did not wa