Putatan Platinum Height Apartment Update

I feel cheated. Last year I bought an apartment in Putatan so called Putatan Platinum Height which is under SPNB. I'm very new in buying properties but the developer keep giving me good promise. I'm not expecting luxurious or maybe lots of bonus or present when I buy the house but I just need a time track on what's going on. They did gave me the time track on this project. It goes like this.

The project will be completed this year around feb and maybe the key will be given by May 2012. That's the intitial time plan that they gave to me. I did bought it, arrange a loan, sacrifice my saving just to get the house which is a good investment also.

Later, word is just a word. On May 2012 I ask the developer when the house will be completed. Even our Prime minister have to answer this question as maybe the developer already know what they did wrong. Not from the developer the answer came from our prime minister Dato' Seri Najib when he visited Sabah earlier this year that the house will be completed by August 2012. It was promising.

Now its already august 2012. I had a phone call from bank asking for my money. Later I got phone call from the developer also asking the same thing mentioning that if give them the money late then the interest will go up day by day.

I asked them when the house will be completed? Simple answer, by end of this year but maybe I will get the key and maybe able to move in by mid year next year!

I felt cheated. You know if u ask someone to go out and she said maybe this sunday. And the sunday you ask again and she said maybe next week. And the next week you ask again and she said next month. Its the same simple principle. And it does not exclude situation like this one.

For the first time property buyer, I learn a good lesson. Never deal with goverment property project. That's it. But this is bad, I'm supposed to support the goverment project that so called try to help the citizen. What happen here is the other way around. They are not much helping me, and I have this mentality of not supporting them anymore.

I don't know which channel do I go to get my right on. To get the justice, to remove this feeling of being cheat. I don't mind paying cause that's it normal thing if you buy something. But if you buy something and you get it 1 and a half year later, its different. If thay already told me that the house will be completed in 2013 then I will prepare myself. But they promise me it will be completed in 2012!

I believe there is a lot of buyer who felt the same thing with me. Anyone know how to get this issue straight?
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  1. Came across yr blog when searching for Putatan Platinum. Last May we went there to collect the key and we were told by Kinsadana (developer) that we cant take it yet as our the gov loan havent paid a cent to them yet. Thats fine,and we proceed to pay the untilities bill anyway without taking thebkey. but when we follow up with the lawyer last June, they said the developer was paid on mid June. So we called the developer and they informed we can take the key already but we have to pay late charges for 14k++!!. Seems like many of the buyers were facing the same problem too especially those with gov loan and it was even in the newspaper. Now we are trying to ask the developer to waive the late charges, some are going to hse tribunal. Gosh, it's a nightmare!!!

  2. It was the same to me. After a long wait, suddenly the developer call and inform me that i have to pay rm 6k for late payment. Now i am still waiting for the developer to waive the fee.

  3. We are also making a letter asking for the late charges to be waived. But the least they can gv is 20% discount. There's an FB group made by the residents so a lot of info & ideas u can get there. One owner said she managed to get the bank to pay the interest after explaining to the bank.

  4. I face the same situation...I sent an appeal letter requesting developer to waive the unnecessary penalty but no good news yet! Lets do the best to fight for our rights! I feel that we r the victims of un efficient process!

  5. I face the same situation...I sent an appeal letter requesting developer to waive the unnecessary penalty but no good news yet! Lets do the best to fight for our rights! I feel that we r the victims of un efficient process!

  6. Im waiting reply from bank regarding the matter.

  7. Hi y'all. For those who bought the apartment using government loan, I hate to break it to all of you but, even with an official letter from the government TELLING the developer to not charge us, the developer will refuse to do what they are told. Happened to me. You can read about my ordeal here:


    Mind you, I swear a lot. We are living in a corrupted nation, and we become the victims. Stay strong fellow future neighbours. Moral of the story is, never buy a property under SPNB anymore.

  8. How about people who loan from bank?


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