Raya 2012

When Ramadhan started, I feel so miserable. Not to say that I hate or whatever you close minded people want to say but working my ass off from 6 am till 7 pm really inconvenience during ramadhan. Whole other goverment worker can go back from work at 4 pm while we the doctors work till 7 pm.

Enough said, I've been spending my iftar (berbuka puasa) eating left over food for patient most of the time this year. A few time when I have off day ( 4 times in the whole ramadhan) I went to buy something from baazar ramadhan. The rest - hospital food.

And even I'm not working at night, I still have to go back at 7pm, way past the iftar at 6.30pm, sometime I did not eat during iftar instead just drink water and then later after 7pm I will go around and find some good food, ate that at around 8pm. Sleep at 10 pm and woke up at 3.30 am for sahur ( if got food, if not just ate candy or some cookies), then after that have to prepare to go to work. Must come to work at 6am.

The whole month I am very tired. I've been waiting for the fasting month to end. And in the end, syawal arrive.

This year is by far the longest holiday for my aidilfitri celebration. I usually got 2-3 days off for Raya but this year I applied for 4 days and plus 1 extra days off ( I was off one day before my official leave started. I am so happy because of that. I want to celebrate raya to the most.

However, my leave started with 4 hours delay at the airport. I am so boring waiting for that damn flight to arrive. Well, mix with the feeling of going back home, 4 hours did not matter.

Arrive at home at midnight, I have one more day of fasting before Raya started.

This year Raya is quite quiet for me. Just the 5 of us in the family. 5 of us celebrating Raya. Most of my Raya day spend at home watching TV, playing with my blackberry playbook, playing with my mother's Ipad, watch TV again.

I am not that anti social but you know, my hometown Labuan is so damn hot. Plus, where shud I go? I've been waiting for my friends to maybe bring me to do the Raya tour like always in previous Raya day but this year they did not. Maybe the fact that I always have a short holiday and I always refuse to go cause when people busy going around during Raya, I always packing my stuff to go back to work.

Nevertheless, I enjoyed my holiday, to go far from work, spend time with family, plenty of food, lots of people coming to our house (most of them are my parent's friend and my sister's friend), I enjoyed my times hanging around at home and cooking for the guest.

I only visit 2 houses during this year Raya. Its enough for me. With the temperature, I prefer spending my time at home.

Because my family is quite small so our house is calm all the time. I couldn't imagine what if I have already married next year and my wife has a big family. Can I blend myself in? I don't know.

Now, its the 4th day of Raya. I had enough rest at home. Plenty of good food I ate, and I enjoyed spending my time with my family. Now its time to go back to work. My flight at 9.30 pm. Well, I still feel sad. I feel not enough Raya this year. If anyone read this post they would agree that I am not enough. But I always love Raya I don't know why. The music, the sound of takbir, the sight of my family around, my house, the view outside my house, the view inside of my house with kuih raya in the living room and a hot peanut sauce smell from the kitchen, every year is the same. This is what happiness of Raya for me. Not how many house I visit, not how many friend I've met. Raya is all about my family and I always remember thing this way.

This will be the end of my Raya aidilfitri as a single man. Getting married end of this year. So, so long for now aidilfitri. Next year it would be a totally different kind of situation for me. I hope it remain like this but I never know. Cause I have to celebrate it together with my wife later. I hope it would be so much better.

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