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Too Phat : The Dynamic Duo

Too phat. They are not the first one who bring hip hop to Malaysia. There are a few more rapper who enter Malaysian mainstream music before them. Even hip hop already exist way longer than we expected in Malaysia. Lot of pop music already been infused with hip hop element before this duo came out. What is so special with them? How do they change our music direction? Do our music change direction after this duo started jumping on stage? ( Most probably not :-D ) This duo bring gangsta style rap to our country but with all the restriction that we have, they kind of introduce a new healthy way of hip hop. Their idea on Asian, traditional, modern, West kind of music sure attract lots of listener no matter you are in hip hop scene or not. No one can resist to their catchy chorus and notable tune in their first top charting single Anak Ayam ( Cockerels/ Pullets @ baby chicken). With this breakthrough single, Too Phat increasingly recognize among our music industry and it change the w

Gangnam Style

Everyone must already heard about PSY Gangnam Style. Some hate, some like it. No one in the middle. There are only hate or like for this new music and dance introduced by PSY which became an overnight sensation and official best internet meme for this year for the time being. What is Gangnam style? This question has been asked to me a few times for those who did not really follow up in today music culture and trend. Yes, there are still people who did not bother to know what this is all about until it already being said in all radio station in our country. Its simple, its a meme. Then lot of people will start to ask, what is meme? I am not going to talk about meme, i let you all read about it yourselves. Here i want to talk about this gangnam style. What is so special about this overnight sensation? I watched Gangnam style when it first released in youtube ( with no TV, I always wander around the internet looking for new stuff). almost 10 000 hits when it first released, i

29 February.. A movie that all Malaysian should remember.

Released on the verge of Malaysia's independence day, the movie does not seem to have a big hype in the media. In fact I heard more about other low budget Malaysian haunted comedy movie such as Seram sejuk or Hantu Gangster. This movie just seem to pop out in the cinema so suddenly. At first glimpse of the poster, I thought that this is another typical Malaysian political movie in line with 1malaysia propaganda. I almost opted not to watch it. However I choose to watch it in the end cause it does look different from other malaysian movie previously. Plus it is in 3D ( or is it?). The story is about a guy name Budi, born in 29 february and he was gifted as he will only age 1 year after 4 years has past. So the story is about his 30 years plus old which equals to around 120 years of Malaysia history. The movie is all about his relationship with a chinese girl named Ho Lai Lai or lily and as usual, this relationship are restricted by their different in race and religion. The messa