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29 February.. A movie that all Malaysian should remember.

Released on the verge of Malaysia's independence day, the movie does not seem to have a big hype in the media. In fact I heard more about other low budget Malaysian haunted comedy movie such as Seram sejuk or Hantu Gangster. This movie just seem to pop out in the cinema so suddenly.

At first glimpse of the poster, I thought that this is another typical Malaysian political movie in line with 1malaysia propaganda. I almost opted not to watch it. However I choose to watch it in the end cause it does look different from other malaysian movie previously. Plus it is in 3D ( or is it?).
The story is about a guy name Budi, born in 29 february and he was gifted as he will only age 1 year after 4 years has past. So the story is about his 30 years plus old which equals to around 120 years of Malaysia history. The movie is all about his relationship with a chinese girl named Ho Lai Lai or lily and as usual, this relationship are restricted by their different in race and religion.
The message is there. Malay and chinese are difficult to relate to each other. So many differences, something like that. This the typical message brought by this film.
The unique thing about this movie is that it does not really highlight on that part but highlight more on the loyalty in love. The loyalty of the main character in his love towards that chinese girl really break the typicality of Malaysian movie as such. The movie manage to light up the emotional value and developed both character until we can really feel how they feel towards each other.

Through out the movie, you will be swollen by their emotion. Salute to the actor who played Budi and that chinese girl. Their emotion are not fake, its truly natural.
The strongest plot of the movie is when Budi and lily were in the beginning of their relationship. This less than 20 minutes plot manage to capture our attention and make us feel elated and happy along with them. I feel that I want the movie to end at that part, I don't want any conflict to occur. But drama has to be continued.

The story captured my mind for 1 and 30 minutes. I doubt earlier that this movie manage to wrap up everything in that short period of time as all other movie like this from hollywood or even malaysia would take up at least 2 and a half hour to finished. But this one is focused, no side track, beautifully crafted storyline.

In the end of the movie somehow, its not about racism anymore, its about them, the couple, forget 1malaysia, forget unity among races, forget malaysian history, its about them, a strong bond of love until death do them apart.

Another thumb up for this movie is the soundtrack. The song they keep repeating about kelip2 I guess keep repeating in my mind even after the movie. Maybe they repeated it too much in the movie. They probably can reduce the repeatition on that song cause even they play it once when Budi sang thay song to lily at the lake is enough to make us remember the song and how emotional this movie are.

Thumbs up for the movie. It was one of the best Malaysian movie I ever watched after KL gangster... Nope. Just joking. KL gangster is a bad movie. Haha. It maybe the best movie after papadom. this movie deserves an award. If I can give the award I will give both of the main character as the best actor and actress. They deserve it.

For those who have not watch this movie, please do. Just get the normal one without 3D cause the 3D in this movie isn't too much to brag about.

Congratz to KRU production for producing one good malaysian movie that is worth to watch in cinema.
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Budi and Lily scene at the lake, one of the most memorable scene in this movie... i love how they make this scene like video clip of the main song and it kind of wrap up everything else you need to know about whats ahead and what happen before.


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