Gangnam Style

Everyone must already heard about PSY Gangnam Style. Some hate, some like it. No one in the middle. There are only hate or like for this new music and dance introduced by PSY which became an overnight sensation and official best internet meme for this year for the time being.

What is Gangnam style? This question has been asked to me a few times for those who did not really follow up in today music culture and trend. Yes, there are still people who did not bother to know what this is all about until it already being said in all radio station in our country. Its simple, its a meme. Then lot of people will start to ask, what is meme?

I am not going to talk about meme, i let you all read about it yourselves. Here i want to talk about this gangnam style. What is so special about this overnight sensation?

I watched Gangnam style when it first released in youtube ( with no TV, I always wander around the internet looking for new stuff). almost 10 000 hits when it first released, i feel that i need to watch this. Its just a different style of K-pop music with rather different style of dance but still korean like.. I don't know how to describe it but i believe it would be a meme cause it is so funny. Ignore it, then turn out later it became a sensation everywhere even i did not really expect it to be like that. 

What make it so addictive? Ask a girl, it should be because of the dance, ask a guy, it should be because of the hot girls in the video. But honestly, it is more than that. For me, the music itself bring you to another level of excitement. Without looking at the video, the music itself make you want to jump or dance or something. Its elating your mood. Turn it on in the morning it will make you feel your day will be in style. The music supposed to be shuffle music like those LMFAO type of music. What i did not expect is the dance is rather different from what it should be. I dont know whether they purposely make it like that or they just making a joke with the dance. The ugly dance in the end turn out to be nice and sexy when the right person dancing with it. The singer however, only reflect a joke. Meaning, both the singer and the other dancing in the back provide a mixture of funny, sexy and stylish. No one make this combination in the right manner before. 

Because of this mixture, many that saw this music for the first time attracted to it, and later addicted to it, Even me myself. I believe Gangnam style is a good music and brilliant dance choreography done for it, I never like K pop and until now the only k-pop that i addicted to is this one. 

Nevertheless, i believe that this kind of music, willl eventually become a one hit wonder as any other one hit wonder before. So just enjoy it, eventually everyone will forget about it after a few years have past later. In the mean time, lets gangnam style. 

BTW, gangnam is a city in Korea. The dance is actually inspired by cowboy riding a horse. There are more than 50 gangnam style version in Youtube. 

I like the original one and also the one Mysteryguitarman did.


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