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Too Phat : The Dynamic Duo

Too phat. They are not the first one who bring hip hop to Malaysia. There are a few more rapper who enter Malaysian mainstream music before them. Even hip hop already exist way longer than we expected in Malaysia. Lot of pop music already been infused with hip hop element before this duo came out.

What is so special with them? How do they change our music direction? Do our music change direction after this duo started jumping on stage? ( Most probably not :-D )

This duo bring gangsta style rap to our country but with all the restriction that we have, they kind of introduce a new healthy way of hip hop. Their idea on Asian, traditional, modern, West kind of music sure attract lots of listener no matter you are in hip hop scene or not. No one can resist to their catchy chorus and notable tune in their first top charting single Anak Ayam ( Cockerels/ Pullets @ baby chicken).

With this breakthrough single, Too Phat increasingly recognize among our music industry and it change the whole youth culture in Malaysia. That day, everyone dressed like them, everyone want to breakdance, everyone want to be a rapper. Internationally hip hop did dominate the world in those years but Too Phat was the key to enter Malaysia.

Too phat never stop there, with their platinum album "Plan B" with their single Anak Ayam, they started to record another album which called '360 degree'.

This album was huge. Collobarated with multiple international hip hop artist from around the world, especially Warren G made this record heard not only in our country but internationally. The song with Warren G called "Just a Lil Bit" can be heard way up to california. The first Malaysian song that was played in american radio. Maybe because of Warren G but I can tell that in this album, Too Phat sound more mature with their beat and lyrics.

Even though the collaboration with Warren G is considered big, but the biggest song that ever came out from this album is a song featuring a local ex-nasyid singer - Yassin. The song was called "Alhamdulillah ( Praise to Allah)". It was the first attempt of an hip hop artist to fuse religious song with hip hop. The result was huge. The song become one of the favourite song in local radio even until our neighbouring country and way to middle east. It does inspired a lot of other hip hop artist to make the similar fusion to their music. The song tune and beat is so ear friendly, it make us think about ourself, to think what have we done wrong even we could not understand their lyric... Not because they speak in different language, but honestly their rap style not completely matured at that time.

Something happen later. Malique was gone from Too Phat (Too phat consist of Malique and Joe Flizzow). Suddenly there was Joe Flizzow in national TV talking about Malique who disappeared suddenly without trace. At this point, everyone thought its the end of Too Phat.

I don't know whether its a gimmick or not but so suddenly Malique appear again and this time they blast the country with their doubele CD album and their hit single with Malaysia's no 1 singer - Dato' Siti nurhaliza in their song called Dua dunia. This song also recorded in english version entitled Million miles.

It become a direct hit to all national radio and neigbouring country. For the first time, I hear to Too Phat differently, the album was filled with matured lyrical style and the message is more clear compare to their previous three album. The album which is called Rebirth & Reality sure not as big as their 2 previous album (Plan B and 360 degree) but this time the lyric was not just rubbish. It was crafted. Their lyrical style is so much improved. For me, in term of lyrical style, this album win it all

Then...that is all.. Too Phat suddenly went into two way. Joe Flizzow with his own way and Malique with his own way. To tell the truth, I still think that there are millions of people out there still waiting for this two people to create something again and shake Malaysian mainstream music industry. Anything they do together will become a big hit no matter what. Even if they did not win against Malaysia’s no.1 (Siti Nurhaliza), but still Too phat is one major influence in Malaysian music scene.

Currently, there is a few singles release by Malique ( which currently look like he is hiding somewhere and suddenly pop out with a new song). Obviously all this singles when on and on in local radio. There is no other artist in Malaysia that can do that. All song since 2010 released by Malique become famous and well known by everyone. As for Joe Flizzow, he is still cool old school and on and off seen here and there. He released a few singles and produced songs for other new generation of artist.

Too Phat could be a history, or is it? No matter what, everyone will remember Too Phat and everyone still waiting and always ready to hit by their music again somewhere in the future, perhaps, hopefully.



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