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Trip KK - Sibu - Sarikei

Finally the day has arrived. The day I've been waiting for years to come. The trip that I planned for months. Its the day for me to go to Sarikei for my wedding. So, after finished working on 27, I really cannot think of anything else other than this trip. On the 28th, me and my family already back to kk from Sipitang. Packing all the stuff and get ready to go to Sibu via air from KK. The air ticket price is quite expensive. I wonder, how come a flight to Kuching from KK only cost 129 (one way) while to Sibu which is nearer cost rm296? Why why? Anyone know why this happen? Nevertheless, my family safely arrived in Sibu after 1 hour 30 minutes air trip from KK. Sibu airport is quite small. Nothing much there. However Sibu town is quite hectic. Traffic jam everywhere. It was so crowded. I cannot breathe in Sibu. We left that town only after 30 minutes stuck in traffic jam. A trip to sarikei by car.. 1 hour on a bumpy road. I don't know why the road is bumpy. I tought goverment sp

The First Week

It is my first week after becoming MO. Starting life in Sipitang, living in a mansion provided by the hospital. Its just a double story house with 5 bedrooms and 3 bathroom and a spacious kitchen and living room, but i like to call it a mansion. For me it is big for one person. I had to bring my cousin to stay and live with me here so that i am not that bored staying in a big house alone. Pretty much, it is a comfortable house. Love it, and it is near to the hospital. 2 minutes drive or 3 minutes walking. ( using car i have to follow the road while by foot i can just cross the field and reach the hospital back door. Well, they put me covering the outpatient department and casualty. Pretty much nothing big has happen. Everyday sitting in my own room, with my own nurse, see patient and try to help that as much as i could. However, sometimes, there is too much patient, i can't check them thoroughly in every visit. It feel weird when becoming an MO. Last time when i was a house off

End Of HO Entry

I have been posting a lot of my entry under the label of HO Entry. HO Entry is the most commonly used heading in house officer life. Everytime u wrote an entry inside a case note of a patient, u need to write that so that people could recognize that the entry was made by a house officer. Pretty much saying that the entry is not significant as any other entry. HO entry is one of the first thing that i learn when i started housemenship training here in Queen Elizabeth hospital. Now, i only have 5 days before ending my training and become a qualified medical officer. I did received a letter stating that I am now a qualified medical officer already.  Most people would say time fly so fast but i do not think so. I feel that i had a long journey within this 2 years of training. I've seen a lot of thing, had a lot of trouble, had a lot of experience along the way. I've met a lot of friends and enemy. I feel like housemenship is taking me forever to complete.  There is a fe