End Of HO Entry

I have been posting a lot of my entry under the label of HO Entry. HO Entry is the most commonly used heading in house officer life. Everytime u wrote an entry inside a case note of a patient, u need to write that so that people could recognize that the entry was made by a house officer. Pretty much saying that the entry is not significant as any other entry.

HO entry is one of the first thing that i learn when i started housemenship training here in Queen Elizabeth hospital. Now, i only have 5 days before ending my training and become a qualified medical officer. I did received a letter stating that I am now a qualified medical officer already. 

Most people would say time fly so fast but i do not think so. I feel that i had a long journey within this 2 years of training. I've seen a lot of thing, had a lot of trouble, had a lot of experience along the way. I've met a lot of friends and enemy. I feel like housemenship is taking me forever to complete. 

There is a few bump on my road, I didn't get through obstetrics and Gynaecology posting and have to add extra 3 months in my posting. I had a depression during paeds posting and i purposely extend my stay there for a month. All of this thing i will not forget. And i have to go through everything on my own. But not completely alone, i have my fiancee that support me all the way, my family, my housemate and a few friends that always cheer me up. 

Emergency and Trauma posting is the best posting i ever hsd. Not because of the posting itself but because of friends that i met there could be the best that i ever met in this entire 2 years training. 

Im ending my housemenship in a few days. I hope that everything would be better after this. The real journey will begin from here. I have a mixed feelings. Scared. Excited.  Happy.  Sad.  Confused.  

End of HO Entry


  1. Good luck as an MO Zaki (^^) Lepas habis training, I think my training was my best years. I dunno about doc, though. I'll be attending your weddin, inshaAllah :)


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