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Destroy Israel?

"...we should remember the suffering of our brother and sister in Palestin, Israel must be destroy..." I wonder why do people preach such a strong word in a very beautiful and peaceful religion like Islam. Subconsciously, they did not realize that they are the real monster here. I stand strong in opposing the Preach of War especially in the House of God, mosque.  War in the middle east is not a pure war like what happen thousand years ago where we fight purely for our religion and right. Today we fight for justice, and justice does not mean one side winner. Both side should be treated fairly and a common ground should be established so that the war will not recur in the future. War between Israel and Palestine is no different from any other war in the whole world. It involved politic, power struggle, money, and corruption. This war like any other war, should be stopped.  However, i am very deeply concern regarding the false image and statement given to the whole wo

Israel stop.

Palestine status was upgraded from non member entity to become non member state. A bald move from palestine leader Mahmood Abbas. Mix reaction rise everywhere from over the world however we are pretty sure majority of the world suppoet the movement. Only 9 country opposed the move and 9 other countries want to keep their hand clean - abstaining vote. The move could bring a lot of hope for Palestinian people but im pretty sure it will remain a hope in the near future as Israel started arrogantly to show off his power by starting to build more than 3 000 settlement in E1 zone that could divide Gaza into two part. A move that will cost NO peace now and in the future. Bringing Palestine to become a non member state is will not bring peace but it will bring at least some justice to the palestinian after being bullied by Israel for more than 50 years. As stated in UN policy, Palestine now can appeal to the International Criminal Court regarding War crimes against them by Israel. Name wi