Israel stop.

Palestine status was upgraded from non member entity to become non member state. A bald move from palestine leader Mahmood Abbas. Mix reaction rise everywhere from over the world however we are pretty sure majority of the world suppoet the movement. Only 9 country opposed the move and 9 other countries want to keep their hand clean - abstaining vote.

The move could bring a lot of hope for Palestinian people but im pretty sure it will remain a hope in the near future as Israel started arrogantly to show off his power by starting to build more than 3 000 settlement in E1 zone that could divide Gaza into two part. A move that will cost NO peace now and in the future.

Bringing Palestine to become a non member state is will not bring peace but it will bring at least some justice to the palestinian after being bullied by Israel for more than 50 years. As stated in UN policy, Palestine now can appeal to the International Criminal Court regarding War crimes against them by Israel. Name will be revealed and for the first time Israel have to justify what they did to Palestine.

Delegates who opposed Palestine upgrade status said that the issue between Israel and Palestine should be resolved by themselves and not the international committee. Israel said that the move by Palestine is a mistake and will ruined the hope for a peace talk in future. Even america respond that it was a mistake for them to vote for Palestine and said that this will interrupt the hope for future peace talk. Yet america also opposed to support the new settlement building announced post resolution.

It is complicated. Gaining an upgrade status in UN will not bring peace or victory that easily. Now Israel have reason to build more settlement and maybe conquer the whole Jurasalem in near future.

An independent article from Israel mentioned that the move could trigger Israel victory in occupying the whole Gaza and even boldly mentioned that all Palestinian should move to Jordan leaving their ancestors birth place ti a newly founded country that never exist before except in their religious book.

I agree that Israel have their write to exist, i opposed all war and terrorism and both Israel and Palestine should exist as two country. But i have to admit that i am tired of every act by Israel that promote war but always claimed by them as their act of defense and their right to do that. There is no right for any country to invade others. It was not an act of defense if you kill thousand of children and women. At least this 'mistake move' by Palestine will bring us a bit of hope. At least it does not cost life or a war- unless Israel start it first now. They already start it by trying to build in E1 zone and witholding more than 90 millions dollar tax payers money to the rightful owner in the west bank. Its a trigger for war.

Stop this war. Israel and Palestine should both exist in peace.


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