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Sabah occupation by Sulu

Everybody want to become a historian, everybody started to become analyst, and everybody start acting like a lawyer when it come to the current issue of Lahad Datu Intrusion in Sabah.

However, less people became a realistic.

I want to it to be real. Historically Sabah 'owned' by Sulu, bla bla bla. Lots of fact and fiction raised for this issue. But why need to raised everything above all that matters? What matters is the land itself.

Sabah has been with Malaysia for more than 50 years. Sabah had been a rough and tough time to achieve what it have today? Sabah is rich with resources but are those resources self process themselves to become money? To become gold? No. We the sabahan people struggle to bring this land this level today.

Did Sabahan born on top of gold? Automatically become rich? No, the reality is we are once classified and still might be the poorest among other state in Malaysia. Lot of people in Sabah suffer from poverty.

As a medical doctor in Sabah, i have seen…

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