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Sabah occupation by Sulu

Everybody want to become a historian, everybody started to become analyst, and everybody start acting like a lawyer when it come to the current issue of Lahad Datu Intrusion in Sabah.

However, less people became a realistic.

I want to it to be real. Historically Sabah 'owned' by Sulu, bla bla bla. Lots of fact and fiction raised for this issue. But why need to raised everything above all that matters? What matters is the land itself.

Sabah has been with Malaysia for more than 50 years. Sabah had been a rough and tough time to achieve what it have today? Sabah is rich with resources but are those resources self process themselves to become money? To become gold? No. We the sabahan people struggle to bring this land this level today.

Did Sabahan born on top of gold? Automatically become rich? No, the reality is we are once classified and still might be the poorest among other state in Malaysia. Lot of people in Sabah suffer from poverty.

As a medical doctor in Sabah, i have seen a lot. I have seen people having chronic diseases just because they don't have transport to go to hospital. I have seen a lot of baby and child suffer from malnutrition. I have seen how hard it is to live in this state. We are not all rich.

Do we complain? Yes we did. A lot of uprising youth are trying to lift up the status of this land to be equals with other state in Malaysia. Lots of Sabahan want to bring changes to this state. Yet we were all thankful to be living in this state...why? Because of the peace.

Peace! This land was known to be the most peaceful place in Malaysia. People doing rally and police clash with opposition supporter, in Sabah we never saw that thing happening. Here and there we heard about violence and racism, religionism, but here in Sabah we never saw such thing happening.

People in Sabah are known to be peaceful. We live in harmony with more thatn 30 tribes. Name it. Okay, everybody will name Sulu since the issue is still hot right now, the answer is yes. We do have Sulu tribe here. Do we kill and fight with them everyday? No. We have Dusun, we have kadazan, Brunei, Badjao, Bajau, Bugis, Timor,... I can't name it all because it is too many and we never care about races here in this state.

Everyday, everyone is working their ass off in this state, to feed their family and to keep this land in peace.

Just recently we had this issue of illegal immigrant influx in Sabah but do we chase those illegal immigrant out? Hope so but we never did. Everyday i have been working my own ass off to treat and cure all those illegal immigrant bringing lots and lots of diseases to our country.

The point is, we never break the peace. We are keeping this land as peace as possible.

Yet, this self proclaimed sultan in sulu starting to use his tiny brain to function and start asking his people to come to Sabah in "peace" with firearms.

Blood has been shed now. I could not blame my country security officials even though as a doctor, we regard human life as the most important thing in our everyday life, because it is a normal response of defence. Since they came to my country, we have been living in fear ( who will now if people start bringing weapon to your house and claim your house is theirs).

I really want the crisis to stop yet i have seen that it will never be in recent future not until this issue bring to negotiation table.

Is Malaysia to be blamed as we rejected the cease fire offer? Or is it Philipine government for not engaging the Sulu so called sultan directly?

Or to be more simple and more realistic, is it the sultan to be blame for asking his people to go other people territory, bring firearms and refusal to surrender and go back to Sulu?

As I am saying when i start writing this entry, i am a realistic person. So the third one is much more appropriate for me.

What can be done to prevent further blood shed is for that sulu sultan to ask his people to return to sulu as soon as possible then engage this matter in a more peaceful way. I would be glad to know the end result of the discussion. As a Brunei race, I would probably want to claimed Sabah too cause historically Brunei own Sabah. But, meh.... I am not that stupid to do that. why? Because i never see gold here in Sabah. All i see was peace. Then everything unfold, it is not about money, it not about history, it is not about Law. It is about keeping this land as peaceful as it can.

"There is no peace, when you put a gun on the table....."

* Filipinos..what do you want to achieve with Sabah?


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