General election is coming PRU13

Politics are hot today. Malaysia's general election will be held soon. Thus, it is a common scene of blue flag everywhere. It is really hot this time.

After a shocking general election result in 2008, more people are anticipating changes in this upcoming election even me myself.

I am no expert in politic, I am no analyst. I am just a voter. I can't be sure nor confidence on who will win this time but i can feel the wave coming. Every corner of this state (Sabah) are talking about the opposition which was unknown to most people in sabah before 2008. Many question has been raised.

Will the opposition bring more flourish economy to this land?
Will the current government change their policy to the benefit of the people when they win this election?
Will they (opposition and the current government) bring any changes?

The most important question is directed to themselves/ourselves : Will thing will always be like this? Are we ready for change?

To be honest, no one is sure enough on who to vote. For the first time, Sabah  has been put into a situation where we can choose. Even if the history told that our country is democracy since we gained independence, but lie above our heart, we were still living in a cage. Our mind entrapped in a state where we have only one direction in every election held. Not until 2008 general election.

After 2008, we have seen that we actually can choose. We started to realize that without the majority win in sabah, our government would not be governing today. We started slipped out from the cage.

Situation had change. Now, people are approached by two men instead of one. Both promised to bring prosper to this land. Both promised to give more attention to our economy, our security, and to keep peaceful harmony to this land.

Both promised. Now it depend on us to choose.

Again, for the first time, our choice would be significant enough to pay attention to.


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