PRU13: increase salary or give money

Pakatan Rakyat Manifesto to increase the salary of government servant.

This was oppose by BN candidate Tan Sri Muhyidin, increasing the salary of government servant will cause our economy to go down and may lead us to bankruptcy.

BN promised to give up until RM1200 in br1m and this will not cost a thing to our economy?

I am no economist and no clever than anyone else but i still found this to be a bit weird and funny. Guess that people would say anything to gain supporter.

For me, increasing the salary of government servant meaning an encouragement to work harder for the country (if they take it as encouragement).

Giving free money to all low income group will not promote them to work harder. Who will work hard if you are given free money. Giving money to the poor is not a solution to boost economy. It may worsen if the money taken lightly and spend on unnecessary thing.

Its good to give money to help people but even God wont help people if they dont want to help themselves.


  1. giving money to people who doesn't deserve it is not a smart idea if compared to increase in salary which is more of a long term thing for an individual especially for those who need the money for family


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