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Black Monday

They call it Black Monday. One of the day that Malaysian will never forget even though some party would like to erase it no matter what. It should be remembered through out the country history. Today 6.05.2013 , Najib has proven that his party will not easily given up power in Malaysia. They win simple majority to form a government and ready to transform this country as their promise before the election. This election also shown the highest number of voter in history. Why? Because the wave of change is strong. However, the people have spoken and make decision to give BN another term to rule, more precisely to change the country to a better nation or else we will be very disappointed. Youth Power vs Old school veteran. This time around, there were estimated around 3 millions new voters ready to cast their vote. With this huge number, we can feel the ground shake with this group voice and opinion in the social media and the web. Young people nature is ready for change. We cant den