Black Monday

They call it Black Monday. One of the day that Malaysian will never forget even though some party would like to erase it no matter what. It should be remembered through out the country history.

Today 6.05.2013 , Najib has proven that his party will not easily given up power in Malaysia. They win simple majority to form a government and ready to transform this country as their promise before the election. This election also shown the highest number of voter in history. Why? Because the wave of change is strong. However, the people have spoken and make decision to give BN another term to rule, more precisely to change the country to a better nation or else we will be very disappointed.

Youth Power vs Old school veteran.

This time around, there were estimated around 3 millions new voters ready to cast their vote. With this huge number, we can feel the ground shake with this group voice and opinion in the social media and the web. Young people nature is ready for change. We cant deny it. When we were young, we have seen a lot of changes within ourselves and the environment. We were ready for everything. We don't care if a mountain is drop on us, we will still not afraid of changes. Our mind, our body told us that changes is what we are going to live for.

On the contrary, old people tend to settle themselves, changes is pointless. Yes some of them still hold the heart of the young but they tend to keep everything as it is because they are used to it. No changes required.

This 13 th Malaysian General election is where this two extreme edge of age meet. The result is clear, 3 millions new voter with more than that were old school veteran. You can see all around the nation, this uncle, auntie, with a walking stick, wheelchair and even on a stretcher went out to vote. Respect to them, their demand are simple. Keep thing as it is and keep the nation stability. All they ask is to keep BN in power so that they can confidently see their generation grew a bit longer. They were not keen for change.

We should respect the election result as a sign of good democracy. We have a long time ahead of us. Changes are inevitable.

Lower class vs upper middle class.

This time around, we also saw the trend where places with more upper middle class citizen accept changes while the lower class refuse it. Thanks to the BN policy of giving free money for this group of people. The thing is, the money will not sustainable. Changes will definitely change the future.

This is where I  am very disappointed with my own race. My race are talking about how government giving them money, discount for books and a lot of thing. Its was very kind for the government to do that but the impact in the future is ugly. These people will rely upon this help to live like what shown in BN ads, a few malay people saying they could not imagine living without this aid.

This is why  most of lower class group consist of Malay and the Bumiputra while the upper middle class mostly chinese. I am very lucky to have not be in the lower class group and to tell the truth, I do not rely much on the aid until I've become what I am today. Even my parent sometimes complain that our family never received any aid to raise me and my sister to what we  have become today. I can see how strong wind of change blowing in chinese community but not the malays and bumiputra.

BN win a lot in the heart of lower class group. We have to admit and respect these group vote to BN. Nevertheless, we the upper middle class group are also a part of the society. We also want to share the benefit of increasing economy in the country and don't  say we don't need the aid cause our income is this much. We are also malaysian working for malaysia.

The cheat

Even though i have accepted that BN has win the election and did not plan on going crazy about it, yet my concern regarding the electoral system will never be gone until it is answered brilliantly by the involved party. The bangladesh vote, new ic given for foreigner to vote, a foreigner in sabah voting in klang with a ' legitimate ' IC, bribery, blackout, suddenly appear ballot vote and the list goes on, all this reflecting a bad democracy practice in our country. I can pretty sure BN did not win clean in this election. But all election are like this. This however did not permit this thing to happen. I hope this issue will be investigated so that the involved person can be brought to justice. I've doubt they will if the ruling coalition involved in this. Still I am praying and hoping that this matter will taken seriously.

The Dark victory

In the end, BN win and become the oldest party ruling a nation in the world. We should not cause chaos with this result as we are living in a  ' democracy ' country. Even so, people are mourning all around the nation. The gloomy situation due to the ugly side of the election. The dead of democracy some of them said. I also kind of have this feeling that BN should not win this big with the voice of the people is echoing for months and years asking for change. Something working behind the scene i guess.

Just hoping that with the mandate given by the people, BN should just continue what Malaysian were asking for. CHANGE.

Bring the changes to us,BN. With us the people put our trust on you, make it happen.

Support peace in Malaysia!


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