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How to apply passport in Malaysia.

It's my first time applying for international passport. Haha. I am not going oversea. I want to use the passport to cross border from Sabah to Sarawak. As you call aware, to get to Sarawak, you have to cross Brunei and it is equal to prepare your passport before your entry denied at the border. I always wonder why goverment did not build a road that does not need to cross other country. Why the hell i need a passport to travel from state to state in my own country? Its weird but it is reality. So, what do you need to apply for passport? Simple 1. 2 photocopy of your Identification Card 2. 2 photocopy of your birth certificate... but since I am 15 (federal IC), I only need photocopy of my identifcation card. 3. 2 photo of yourself with white background. If you are wearing glasses, please remove it or else they will reject the photo. That's it and a lot of time.... So, it take about 3 hours to complete all the processes. Nope. More than that. You really need time be a

Langkawi Trip : A Conclusion

Perhaps, people say that Langkawi trip is a lame trip. Go to Korea (people nowadays so crazy about Korea as you all know). For me, my trip to Langkawi is worth it. Even though we stay in a cheap hotel and we only stay for 4 days, but me and my wife really enjoy the trip. Maybe it is because our day life as a medical officer in Sipitang are not that interesting. Everday doing round and treating patient, we need a time out, we need to run away from our job, we need a vacation like this. If you put us on the top of burning volcano as a vacation will also become interesting compare to working everyday as a doctor. In conclusion, Langkawi is a must place visit in Malaysia. Langkawi is a very nice and beautiful place to visit. The island is not that big so exploring it is not a big deal. All the attraction are located in just a few kilometres away. Pantai Cenang is a place to stay if you are in Langkawi. Do not stay in Kuah Town because you will miss a lot and it is not very convenienc

Langkawi Trip Part 4: Island Hoping

What is Langkawi trip without Island hoping? This activity is a must when someone visit Langkawi. My last island hoping in Langkawi was 7 years ago. When i first set my foot in Langkawi after completing my public health research with my colleague during university time. Now again I am in Langkawi, now with my wife. Its a totally different experience for me. Just that Island hoping is not that exclusive anymore. The last time i went for island hoping, it felt like we were the only group doing that activity. Now... There were hundreds of tourist at the beach where we supposed to start our hoping activity. So many people I feel like I am going to a parade instead of going for island hoping. Nevertheless, the system is quite systematic. We do not need to be confused on which boat to ride. Everything seem to flow smoothly. Before we realized, we were already on the boat. Topi baru beli untuk island hopping System yang efisyen, semua pengunjung dapat naik ke bot yang betul. Tap

Langkawi Trip Part 3

The next day in Langkawi. After cable car, where should we go next. First place to visit early in the morning was a place just nearby our motel. Underwater World Langkawi. It was just 3 minutes walk from our motel. So convenience. As usual, there were so many tourists around. We have to line up for about 5 minutes before reaching the ticket counter. But that was just a small matter. Lining up feel so much fun when you are on vacation. The price for the ticket was quite expensive actually. If i am not mistaken, it was RM22 per person with mykad. Langkawi Island is not a cheap place to spend your holiday. The only attraction that keeps me entertained in underwater world langkawi was the penguin. I was so impressed with them. They kind of showing off their skills and posed in front of the camera. Everytime we snap a picture, they posed like a celebrity. I hate it yet they were so cute. Haha. The rest of the attraction in this place was fish. Lots of different kind of fish. Completed

Langkawi Trip Part 2

First Day in Langkawi Before we went to sleep last night, we said to each other that we need to get up early tomorrow but on the first day in Langkawi, we woke up at 9 am in the morning to find that the sun was still shy with its light. (9 am in sipitang like in hell hot). After shower and everything, we stepped out from our room by 10 am. Our first destination - skycab. Cable Car Langkawi. Important tips, take your breakfast first before starting a tour. We did not do that. Instead of eating our breakfast in Pantai Cenang which i guess much easier to find a place to eat, we decided to eat our breakfast anywhere we stumble on the way. Another thing is to get a good map, or a good GPS. This is because the map provided by Langkawi Tourism, airport, or the rental car was outdated and it does not look like a real map. More to a cartoon map. No north sign some more. How do we supposed to know we are going north or northeast? Misleading information from the internet, the SkyCab o

Langkawi Trip 2013 Part 1

Why Langkawi? It is a last minute deal for us. Since being married, me and my wife never had a chance to go somewhere for holiday. Seriously. We do not even have a time for honeymoon. Everyday is work work work. Maybe becoming a doctor for both of us really has a price to pay. Luckily, after my wife got pregnant, now in her 17 weeks of gestation, we suddenly stumble upon a quite easy request for a 7 days holiday. I do not know why we did manage to take the 7 days off. So, we plan on a simple tour from Sabah to Kuching, Sarawak which in the end, with a lot of brain storm and discussion, we decided to forget that plan (it is complicated and time consuming). We only have 7 days and we want to enjoy our first week off to go for a vacation. Dont want to waste it by sitting on a car driving to a very far destination. So after a bit of discussion, we decided to choose Langkawi. Reason is the island offer lot of stuff to do within just a few kilometers reach. Plus, I've been to Langk

Putatan Platinum Apartment Update 3 : Tribunal

Luckily I am the only one who are facing the same problem with my purchased apartment in Putatan. As you all know from my previous entry Putatan Platinum Apartment Update and Putatan Platinum Apartment update 3 , I am facing a late payment charged from my Putatan Platinum Apartment for the fault of late payment from my bank to the developer. It sound pretty clear that this is not my problem as bank and the developer were the one who are handling the money part, all i know is I did sign the agreement and no single cent of money were handed to me from the bank. Instead everything was handle by the bank. Maybe some of you who are much clever than me have different opinion on this but i am sure that i feel cheated in this situation. Thanks to all out there who were concern regarding my problem which I am not alone facing... there is a few email telling me to file a case in house tribunal. I've read about this before but I am not sure how to do it. So now from emails send to m

Putatan Platinum Apartment Update 2

After a long wait for the apartment to complete, suddenly got a phone called from the developer. As I am currently staying outside Kota Kinabalu now, i had a little bit issue on my mail services as lots of my mails still deliver to my old address in Kota Kinabalu. I am going thorugh it slowly changing my mail address. The story goes like this, i have a difficulty financially at the momment (as goverment haven't paid my lamsam salary for my promotion since last year. Does not matter, just wait for it. However, in a busy day in my clinic, causing me a headache, when suddenly a phone called i received sound like this.. " Mr chucky, this is (someone name i forgot, flora or the other one), from kinsadana, your house in putatan platinum already completed. Do you receive the mail?" I was like so excited at that moment.I says, " not yet. Maybe the mail was sent to my old address". She read my address and it was my hometown address where my family are. So suppo