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Langkawi Trip 2013 Part 1

Why Langkawi?

It is a last minute deal for us. Since being married, me and my wife never had a chance to go somewhere for holiday. Seriously. We do not even have a time for honeymoon. Everyday is work work work. Maybe becoming a doctor for both of us really has a price to pay.

Luckily, after my wife got pregnant, now in her 17 weeks of gestation, we suddenly stumble upon a quite easy request for a 7 days holiday. I do not know why we did manage to take the 7 days off. So, we plan on a simple tour from Sabah to Kuching, Sarawak which in the end, with a lot of brain storm and discussion, we decided to forget that plan (it is complicated and time consuming). We only have 7 days and we want to enjoy our first week off to go for a vacation. Dont want to waste it by sitting on a car driving to a very far destination.

So after a bit of discussion, we decided to choose Langkawi. Reason is the island offer lot of stuff to do within just a few kilometers reach. Plus, I've been to Langkawi before when i was a student and the experience was limited. Everyone know why.

First Day ( A Day For Travelling)

Unfortunately, my wife had a bad call three days before we went to Langkawi. Three people need to be dissected for post mortem after died in a motor vehicle accident. Few days before we went off to Langkawi was a stress day with work and paperwork to complete.

Luckily, my wife did manage to settle everything (partial of it) and save the rest for post vacation work. Let just forgot the work and enjoy our holiday was the exact word we said before leaving Sipitang to KK Airport.

Basically, travelling to Langkawi by flight from Kota Kinabalu to KL then to Langkawi is time consuming. Our flight at 1 pm and we only reach Langkawi at around 7 pm. 2 hours to KL then we did manage to spend 1 hour in KLIA before departing to Langkawi.

To our surprise ( its not surprising but for those who did not leave Borneo for a very long time), the sun did not set at 6 in Langkawi. It set at around 7.30pm. But we were already stuck with our time zone in Sabah so we thought 7.30 was already late.

We rent a car, a Nissan Sentra for Rm100 a day. We did not surveyed much as we thought its already late. We rush to our Beach Resort @ Beach Motel and arrive there around 8 pm. The place was called Mali Perdana Resort located in Pantai Cenang. A cheap motel but don't judge hotel by its price. You may pay rm200++ for a well known hotel but we only pay less than 100 for that place per night and what do we get? We got a decent room facing the beach. What else do we need? We don't need swimming pool or a 5 star staff guarding the reception counter or a 5 star restaurant. We want a room that is located 10 seconds away from the beach. We love this not well known motel.

After throwing all of our stuff on the bed, we rush outside to Pantai Cenang street to find a place to eat. We are starving and we find a small restaurant but serve quite cheap seafood. Our first dinner in Langkawi was exciting. We feel very excited. We ate our dinner with a big folded map so we can plan what we are going to do tomorrow.

Need to sleep early is our big mistake. As I said before, we stuck with Sabah Time Zone so after eating our dinner, we rush back to our hotel to get enough sleep for tomorrow. We kind of forgot that Pantai Cenang open until late midnight. We should have walk around that night.

But perhaps we are tired. So we went for an early sleep with excitement waiting for the next day.

Part 2 here


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