Langkawi Trip : A Conclusion

Perhaps, people say that Langkawi trip is a lame trip. Go to Korea (people nowadays so crazy about Korea as you all know). For me, my trip to Langkawi is worth it. Even though we stay in a cheap hotel and we only stay for 4 days, but me and my wife really enjoy the trip.

Maybe it is because our day life as a medical officer in Sipitang are not that interesting. Everday doing round and treating patient, we need a time out, we need to run away from our job, we need a vacation like this. If you put us on the top of burning volcano as a vacation will also become interesting compare to working everyday as a doctor.

In conclusion, Langkawi is a must place visit in Malaysia. Langkawi is a very nice and beautiful place to visit. The island is not that big so exploring it is not a big deal. All the attraction are located in just a few kilometres away.

Pantai Cenang is a place to stay if you are in Langkawi. Do not stay in Kuah Town because you will miss a lot and it is not very convenience. Must stay in Pantai Cenang.

People in Langkawi are nice. They are all used to live with tourist so that they treat tourist like no stranger. I love that very much. Not like in KL.

4 days are not enough if you really want to explore this island in and out. Stay a bit longer. Do not rush your trip. Enjoy every second you have.

I will definitely visit Langkawi again in the future. I will.

5/5 star for Langkawi. :D


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