Langkawi Trip Part 2

First Day in Langkawi

Before we went to sleep last night, we said to each other that we need to get up early tomorrow but on the first day in Langkawi, we woke up at 9 am in the morning to find that the sun was still shy with its light. (9 am in sipitang like in hell hot).

After shower and everything, we stepped out from our room by 10 am. Our first destination - skycab. Cable Car Langkawi.

Important tips, take your breakfast first before starting a tour. We did not do that. Instead of eating our breakfast in Pantai Cenang which i guess much easier to find a place to eat, we decided to eat our breakfast anywhere we stumble on the way.

Another thing is to get a good map, or a good GPS. This is because the map provided by Langkawi Tourism, airport, or the rental car was outdated and it does not look like a real map. More to a cartoon map. No north sign some more. How do we supposed to know we are going north or northeast?

Misleading information from the internet, the SkyCab open at 12 pm. So we have 2 hours to waste. We decided to go to Kuah town looking for the big eagle statue but on the way we felt very hungry and instead of searching for that statue, we turn to search for food. And it is difficult to stop for a food stall because we are not familiar with the place. We keep missed a few stall at the roadside. In the end, we make a U turn and stop at the stall we passed earlier.

Its already 11 am. So most of the stall already stop serving breakfast. We decided to eat our lunch.

First breakfast and lunch in Langkawi, not that nice. I forgot what was the name of the reastaurant. It sell a variety of Malay dish. Look appetizing but when we taste it, it taste sweet and spicy. A combination which me and my wife did not like. The food price was ok (for us from Sabah where the price of everything is high) but maybe for those from Peninsular, it maybe a bit pricey.

Alright, after that, we decided not to search for that eagle statue anymore but to go straight to Langkawi cable car in Oriental Village.

We arrived there around 12.30 pm and the place was packed with tourist. Seriously, so many people until difficult for us to breathe. Haha. Maybe not that packed but its crowded. Sometimes those crowd excitement make us feel excited too.

We line up to buy our ticket to the cable car. We later found that we need to line up again to enter the building even we already have our ticket. After 45 minutes, we did manage to enter the building but just to find that there is another line inside. i guess hundred people lining up to take their turn to go up the cable car.
Muka dah marah sebab berbaris lama

We wait for another 45 minutes for our turn. In the end, we did manage to get to the spot where we line up to get inside the cable car. Unfortunately, someone paid extra rm50 per person ( tourist from africa i guess) and because of that, they can cut the line and enter the cable car before us. Never mind, we were that far already so just wait. Our patience worth it. Because of technical and perhaps family issue, those who line up behind us did not want to join our car because they have their own group to enter with. So we did manage to get into the cable car with just another couple. So only 4 of us inside the car which supposed to transport 6 people at one time.
Go higher up.

We reach the middle station and went to the toilet for a while then the best thing happen again. from the middle station to the top, we did manage to get a car with no other people inside. Just the two of us.

Experience in Langkawi Cable car is a must have experience. Worth to wait in line for few hours. At the top, we can spend our time looking at the beautiful panorama, and we did not need to rush back down. We stay around 1 hour at the top appreciating the beautiful scenery.
Skybridge was closed. But still can view it from the top.

After the cable car, we decided to try the 6D cinema just beside the cable car station. We have tried it before in Kuching but i do not know why we try it again. To look if the one in Langkawi is better than Kuching. Turn out to be that it is the same thing. Hahhaa. Wasting money.

And before we went out from Oriental Village where the cable car is located, My wife want to try the duckboat. Thing that i never seen previously in my first trip to Langkawi 6 years ago. It was expensive. Rm38 per person. But whatever. We were on vacation. That duckboat is a 45 minutes ride in an uncomfortable lorry seat which was modified to run on land and water. That was all. Nothing worth rm38. Don't try it. Not worth it.
Going down the mountain.

Duck Tours. A not worth it experience.

At around 4 pm, we leave Oriental village to look for Mahsuri Tomb. To my surprise, Langkawi has change within this 6 years. 6 years ago, Langkawi offered lots of legendary and historical spot to visit, but after 6 years, Langkawi offered lost of merchandise shops located in the legendary and historical spot to visit. haha. That Tomb look like a market at a glance. So disappointed with how they run the thing. No need to put a stall selling Laksa, Mineral water from Telaga Mahsuri( Mahsuri's well), and gift shops as usual. one gift shop is enough but they put 12 of them there maybe.
Makam Mahsuri macam Market Mahsuri. Sempat shopping pulak.

Anyway, Mahsuri Tomb now look more like Mahsuri market. We spend 1 hour there to learn the history of Mahsuri, luckily they still remember to put a something for the tourist to read or else everyone will be very busy looking at the gift shops only.

After Mahsuri, we went back to our hotel as most of the tourist spot closed at 6pm and we were already at 5pm. Before we reach our hotel, we did stop at a stall near airport, it was called LAKSA POWER. We have read before that this place offer the best laksa in langkawi. Well, i could not say the best but the laksa was nicer than any other laksa i've taste before.

When we arrived at our hotel. What we heard were the sound of wave and kids. We look behind our room to find out that the beach is crowded with lots of family enjoying their time on the beach. We did not want to miss the chance. We chance to a more suitable attire and directly join those crowd on the beach. We then found out that the beach in front of our hotel was not Pantai Cenang but Pantai Tengah. The wave was extremely huge and strong. Still a lot of people swimming and playing in the water. At first i was afraid looking at the huge wave but looking at others, I feel more safe. We strolled the beach for 1 hours plus to find that sunset at 7.30 pm. So only after the sunset we went back to our hotel.
A very strong wave...

wavy beach.

At night, we spend our time touring Pantai Cenang street. It was nice. I love pantai cenang as everyone there were tourist and no one look in a rush. Everyone just strolled down the street relax, calm and excited. Like us. Haha. That night we tried fried kuey teow sold at the roadside. It was nice. But i had better.

And again, we sleep to get enough sleep to prepare for another day of touring langkawi tomorrow.

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