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Langkawi Trip Part 3

The next day in Langkawi. After cable car, where should we go next. First place to visit early in the morning was a place just nearby our motel. Underwater World Langkawi. It was just 3 minutes walk from our motel. So convenience.

As usual, there were so many tourists around. We have to line up for about 5 minutes before reaching the ticket counter. But that was just a small matter. Lining up feel so much fun when you are on vacation. The price for the ticket was quite expensive actually. If i am not mistaken, it was RM22 per person with mykad. Langkawi Island is not a cheap place to spend your holiday.

The only attraction that keeps me entertained in underwater world langkawi was the penguin. I was so impressed with them. They kind of showing off their skills and posed in front of the camera. Everytime we snap a picture, they posed like a celebrity. I hate it yet they were so cute. Haha.

The rest of the attraction in this place was fish. Lots of different kind of fish. Completed our tour in here in less than 1 hour. Level of fun...8 per 10. Fair enough.
Ala ala kat artic la ni.

Can see that penguine?

Up for the next place. The next place we went... Beras terbakar. Disappointed a bit cause there is nothing much to see there. It was more like a shopping place. Market where there were a lot of people selling cloth, sea cucumber oil, and whatever..

It was rainy that day. After Beras terbakar, we went to find Langkawi Craft museum. I hate to admit that google GPS is fooling around with us. The direction keeps pointing front front until we reach Kuah town and it was raining heavily. There were nothing to see in a rainy day.
Kat beras terbakar punya rumah.

We spend more than an hour just to find the craft museum. I guess until the rain stopped, then we reach that museum. There were nothing much to see also in that museum. It was more like a shop selling all this craft work arranged in a way it look like a museum.

The next place to visit, Pantai Pasir Hitam. Yes the sand is black but i am not really sure its black because of nature or because of the rubbish laying around. Not a nice place to recommend to others.

Next place, it was a hot spring well or something. I forgot the name. It is located just nearby Pantai pasir Hitam. That place is beautiful yet to my disappointment, the well is not actually hot. I dont know, maybe they forgot to turn on the switch. Yet its a nice place to visit to take picture.

A bit tired but we were ready for the next tour. Perhaps its the last museum for the day. We went to a place called Gallery Perdana. It is actually a museum consist of our former Prime Minister, Mahathir Mohammad, private collection of stuff given to him during his prime minister time. Knowing that it only showing his private collection, maybe 10 minutes tour to this place is enough. Wrong. The gallery was so big until i felt that i want to collapse trying to tour in every corner of the gallery. We stop halfway and left the gallery heading back to our motel by 5 pm.
Di galeri perdana.

Beca pun orang bagi kat Mahathir.

And again, beach time. We went to the beach again and this time the wave was bigger than the day before. The force of the wave can throw a big person like me in a single blow. Yet, me and my wife had a nice time at the beach. Sitting and waiting for the wave to hit us, at the same time waiting for the sun to set.

At that moment, i realize how free my life is, even only for a short few days. Away from the never ending job treating sick people, taking care of people, serving the community like a donkey.... at that time i am so free, so excited, so happy. I feel like i am flying or maybe wash out by the sand and the wave.

That night, our dinner was seafood. Went to a malay stall selling so called fresh seafood. Order a grill fish and a few side dish..i started to realize the awkward combination of taste Langkawi had. Not that it is not delicious, it is delicious but it does not really entertain my tastebud. I guess people in langkawi love sweet and spicy food. I cannot tolerate that. I love salty and maybe not spicy but sweet and spicy is too much for me.

A tiring day. Tomorrow perhaps the last day for us to tour langkawi. So much place to visit. Hopefully we manage to do everything as plan..

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