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Langkawi Trip Part 4: Island Hoping

What is Langkawi trip without Island hoping? This activity is a must when someone visit Langkawi.

My last island hoping in Langkawi was 7 years ago. When i first set my foot in Langkawi after completing my public health research with my colleague during university time.

Now again I am in Langkawi, now with my wife. Its a totally different experience for me. Just that Island hoping is not that exclusive anymore. The last time i went for island hoping, it felt like we were the only group doing that activity. Now...

There were hundreds of tourist at the beach where we supposed to start our hoping activity. So many people I feel like I am going to a parade instead of going for island hoping. Nevertheless, the system is quite systematic. We do not need to be confused on which boat to ride. Everything seem to flow smoothly. Before we realized, we were already on the boat.
Topi baru beli untuk island hopping

System yang efisyen, semua pengunjung dapat naik ke bot yang betul. Tapi sesak la.

So, our island hoping package perhaps the cheapest one among all. Only RM25 per pax and we were brought to 3 location consist of 2 island and an eagle feeding spot.

The first island was Pulau Dayang Bunting. The main attraction here are the monkeys and the lake. They called it Dayang Bunting lake (what else?). Compare to 7 years ago, that lake was peaceful and quiet. I can still remember the breeze of fresh air and the sound of the crystal glowing water. That was 7 years ago!

Now, more than 100 peoples running around and shouting out loud at the lake side. It did not sound romantic anymore. We still enjoyed our trip to that lake. Maybe because we were on vacation. Everything taste better on vacation.
You can see that there were lots of tourist around..

Picture spoke for itself.

We see what our mind want to see. The legendary pregnant lady.

The second destination, the eagle feeding spot. To my disappointment, it was not eagle feeding but watching eagle eat. Last time, the boat driver used to bring a bucket of chicken skin and throw it to the water so that all eagle nesting around that spot came and snatch the chicken pieces. Now, we just stop our boat there and look at eagle flying around. I feel that the eagle was cheated, they taught that we were bringing food but we did not. Or maybe, someone feed the eagle earlier than us - what we saw was just the post feeding eagle flying around.
Helang yang kian pupus. Makin sikit ja.

The last destination was Pulau Beras Basah or something. I don't really read the pamphlet given. This last destination (even though there were hundreds tourist around) fascinate me because of the clear blue sea water and a very clean beach. Why this place so clean? They have no toilet on the island. Maybe because of that the place was very clean. Than i think, all those people that want to pee pee, must pee pee in the clear blue water...errr..

Never mind that, if you saw that kind of blue clear water, you cannot resist yourselves to jump in and take a swim even if the sun is damn hot above you. For the first time since I started the island hoping i feel calm, floating on the blue sea water....floating around till the wave brought me back to the shore. I will never forget that moment.
Pantai ni cantik dan bersih.

Floating floating.

Clear blue sky and water.

That was the end of our Island hoping trip. Straight after that, we went directly to Kuah town to snap a picture with Langkawi most famous location - Dataran Lang. This is the place where the big eagle statue located.


The eagle do not know how to smile.

It almost 5 PM when we drove back to our Motel. We tried to go to Rice Museum but it was closed for Laksa Fair. We were not interested on that thus we hit back to our motel.

The last night in Langkawi, we spend our time eating a RM100++ lobster and strolled around Pantai Cenang. Try to recap all our sweet moment in Langkawi. Try to spend every bit of our money left on every stuff that we can grab in Pantai Cenang.

I feel like I dont want to sleep that night because i don't want to wake up the next day and realize that I need to get back to Sabah.

Time flow only in one direction.

Part conclusion here


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