Putatan Platinum Apartment Update 2

After a long wait for the apartment to complete, suddenly got a phone called from the developer.

As I am currently staying outside Kota Kinabalu now, i had a little bit issue on my mail services as lots of my mails still deliver to my old address in Kota Kinabalu. I am going thorugh it slowly changing my mail address.

The story goes like this, i have a difficulty financially at the momment (as goverment haven't paid my lamsam salary for my promotion since last year. Does not matter, just wait for it. However, in a busy day in my clinic, causing me a headache, when suddenly a phone called i received sound like this..

" Mr chucky, this is (someone name i forgot, flora or the other one), from kinsadana, your house in putatan platinum already completed. Do you receive the mail?"

I was like so excited at that moment.I says, " not yet. Maybe the mail was sent to my old address".

She read my address and it was my hometown address where my family are. So supposed no problem cause my family still there. But you know, mail services can be sometime like this. Does not matter.

She continues," So i inform you by phone first mr chucky, that you need to pay management fee for rm 1700++. This payment will include....." so on.

I am bit crush but i know that is inevitable. Somehow i will need to pay for the fee. I have no money at the moment but for that amout, i will figure something out.

I am still smiling.

Then she break the news for me ," and another thing..you have to pay rm6000++ for the late payment fee"..

I was like..what the toot. What does this mean? Does it mean that I am late in paying the bank the loan payment...( i do pay let sometimes but i am sure that i pay every due bill i had). Does that late payment to the bank count until i was fine rm6000++.

No..the payment to the developer was made by my bank. I am not paying them directly. So why the hell i am the one blamed causing the late payment.

Now my stress level become 8/.10 and my anger 3/10. Wow, i am quite a patience.

So I explained my concern that i did not pay to the developer directly so why did they fine me like that?

" We cannot fine the bank because we only entitled and make agreement with the customer. So maybe you need to call your bank regarding this matter," she explained.

I almost burst to tear. Hahaha.. but i laughed. Why i am so fool trusting this fella, this SPNB, this developer at the first place. I should have buy those house in Sulaman area where my friend bought his house with no problem like this. I should have drop out my agreement early. I should have cancelled my purchase early. Yet i trust them and everyone, then i wait for a very long time yet it turn out to be like this.

So end of conversation. It is too much weird. But somehow maybe it is in the agreement. Maybe.

You know if you buy car, you arrange with the bank, then you get the car from Toyota for example, then you pay the bank every month, then suddenly toyota came to you asking rm6000 because your bank did not pay them money....

That was totally weird. Like gangta, they should contact the bank then if the bank did not pay the money.

Maybe it is inside the purchase agreement. I cannot fight on this cause I am not a lawyer.

So, I had to call my bank, lawyer and ask them why the hell this happen. They ask me to fax the late payment statement to them, now the bank are arranging the waiver from their main branch in KL and so on...yet nothing happen after 1 week.

This could take a long time to settle.

And then another phone call received one week later from the developer. Still the same, asking me to pay the money. I told them my bank a have not reply me yet, I have to wait for their decision..

The developer women say like this " If you no pay quickly, later we will cancel the liability fee if anything wrong with your apartment. Just to inform you."

It was more like just to warn me. They really behave like gangsta. haha. I just said ok but i am not gonna pay that 6k easily. Not that i don't want to pay but i really don't have 6k at the moment. It will take like 8-9 month for me to collect that amount of money. And with management fee, that will cost me a year to collect money. I will have the money if i have time. But if they want the money stat..i can't entertain them.

If you all aware, SPNB promise to give compensation for the delay of this apartment. This is clearly stated in Berita Harian (oh yes, should we trust this) dated 28 October 2012.

Link: Link was already removed and no longer available. Please find archive of the news portal dated on above mentioned date.

This is now considered a lie as not just no compensation, they ask customer to pay them compensation.

I believe this is another worse house project ever in this country. I am new to this kind of stuff but i know that this is not right.

First the delay. Now the late payment issue. Perhaps maybe in the future.....don't want to say it.

If anyone has information or maybe anything to do regarding this matter, can email me at ascap23@gmail.com  . I need help and info from someone expert on this matter.


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  2. Syukur saya tak berdepan dengan masalah seperti. Kalau tak, saya konpom jadi "Queen of Evil". hihi..

    But its true Putatan Platinum lambat siap and masa ambil kunci instead of pay RM17++.00, I only have to pay RM13++.00.

    My house is bumi lot so saya dapat pampasan from SPNB RM3++.00 juga lah.

    Hopefully, ur problem can be resolved soon :)

  3. Same case here.
    I have filed this case with tribunal.
    Their office at wisma tun fuad, karamunsing, lvl 8.
    Fee is only rm50.
    Write a letter to them..tell the details bout my case..ic, oc, s&p..4copies.
    The officer suggested that anyone with the same case to do the same.

    U should do the same.

  4. I don't think tribunall can do anything about it. Until today I am still thinking whether someone resolved this issue.

    As far as I know, almost all friend that i know who are having the same problem like me in PPA, paid their Late payment fee in the end.

    This is because if you don't, then they will give interest to that late payment which you pay late.

    I wish someone would resolved this issues. There is still some people who refused to get the key for their apartment just to fight for their right. But in the end their late payment fee plus interest are getting higher day by day.


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