Putatan Platinum Apartment Update 3 : Tribunal

Luckily I am the only one who are facing the same problem with my purchased apartment in Putatan.

As you all know from my previous entry Putatan Platinum Apartment Update and Putatan Platinum Apartment update 3 , I am facing a late payment charged from my Putatan Platinum Apartment for the fault of late payment from my bank to the developer.

It sound pretty clear that this is not my problem as bank and the developer were the one who are handling the money part, all i know is I did sign the agreement and no single cent of money were handed to me from the bank. Instead everything was handle by the bank. Maybe some of you who are much clever than me have different opinion on this but i am sure that i feel cheated in this situation.

Thanks to all out there who were concern regarding my problem which I am not alone facing... there is a few email telling me to file a case in house tribunal. I've read about this before but I am not sure how to do it.

So now from emails send to me, what we can do is to bring a few items to the house tribunal.

1. photocopy of IC
2. OC
3.Sale and purchase agreement
4. A letter telling the details of the problem.

It cost rm50.

For those in Sabah, The Housing Claims Tribunal is located in Wisma Tun Fuad level 8. 

If you want to know where Wisma Tun Fuad is... here is a picture of it

You can recognize this building right. It is located just beside Karamunsing Complex. 

I know this building because i used to pay my car loan there at the ambank and after that enjoy myself window shopping in Karamunsing. 

So, if you ask me whether i have file the case or not, my answer is not yet. I am quite busy now in Sipitang. No time to go Kota Kinabalu unless they close Hospital Sipitang so that i dont need to work anymore. Haha. 

I will go as soon as i am a bit free to file the case. 

Anyone who has extra information regarding this matter, maybe update a bit regarding the process of filing the case, please leave your comment below or email me at ascap23@gmail.com.

Your attention are much appreciated. 


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