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Putatan Platinum Apartment 4 : Bank Muamalat vs Me vs Developer

I was enlightened today. But not in a good way.

I just found out the root of my Putatan Platinum Apartment Late payment interest problem. After asking for advices from multiple people, I found out that my late payment interest was caused by somewhere in the bank processes while processing my Loan. A bit complicated but thanks to Gmail with its big email capacity, i can trace all the old email i have received and sent.

To my surprise, my hesitation on talking via phone regarding official stuff pay off. Now I can read back all the conversation i had via email and it helps a lot.

The loan agreement was signed by me by end of 2011. It somewhere around october according to my email with the officer in Bank Muamalat. after that there were no more conversation, i presumed at that time the bank must be processing my Loan as that is what they supposed to do right?

The next email conversation I had was with another officer in Bank Muamalat. I remember that the new officer said the previous offi…

Crossing Brunei Borders, Sarawak 04/08/2013