Putatan Platinum Apartment 4 : Bank Muamalat vs Me vs Developer

I was enlightened today. But not in a good way.

I just found out the root of my Putatan Platinum Apartment Late payment interest problem. After asking for advices from multiple people, I found out that my late payment interest was caused by somewhere in the bank processes while processing my Loan. A bit complicated but thanks to Gmail with its big email capacity, i can trace all the old email i have received and sent.

To my surprise, my hesitation on talking via phone regarding official stuff pay off. Now I can read back all the conversation i had via email and it helps a lot.

The loan agreement was signed by me by end of 2011. It somewhere around october according to my email with the officer in Bank Muamalat. after that there were no more conversation, i presumed at that time the bank must be processing my Loan as that is what they supposed to do right?

The next email conversation I had was with another officer in Bank Muamalat. I remember that the new officer said the previous officer already been transferred or promoted i could not remember as it was not mention in the email. What was mention in the email is regarding my Mortgage Takaful payment was due. The email dated back on 5/09/2012. almost a year after i signed the agreement i believed.

The following conversation via email showing that i've paid what they ask me to pay and the conversation stop at 8/10/2012. A month after the first email. That was it.

Checking back at my late payment interest statement, Bank Muamalat only pay the developer on October 2012. A month after i settle the Mortgage Takaful payment. The delay however already accumulate to 10 months.

For the past 9 months before that, there had been no issue informed by the bank to me.

So now, my concern is:

1. Is myself the wrong here as i only pay the Mortgage Takaful, after almost 10 months signing the agreement with the bank. In my defense, Bank never call me or inform me regarding that payment. How would i know there is another Mortgage payment after I've paid almost RM15000 to the developer for the advance payment part. Logically, no one will go to the bank and ask then whether i need to pay them anything. They should inform to me earlier.
2. Is the bank the wrong here as they never inform me regarding extra charge or Mortgage Takaful which cost around RM700? Or they will say that I am the one who should go to the bank and ask them if there is any extra charge for my house loan.
3. Will the developer be bother about the two of us (me and the bank). They only need the money as documented in the Sales and Purchase agreement. There is black and white documentation for them to ask the payment from me.

I still do not know how to settle this thing. I have called my lawyer and as usual, they will check it for me. There were no "stat" in other world except my job maybe. My bank tell me that they were still checking up on the issue. Typical.

I am the one in the middle. I have not get my house key, i have not yet check the apartment for any defect, have not yet installed the door grill, and anything inside. I am the one who suffer the most in this case. Everyone else just wait and see but i want answer and action stat.


  1. i have called SPNB KL,
    and latest i heared is that next week they will conduct a meeting at KK. to settle all those.
    i dont know whether it will help to settle all this or not. at least they can do something. right.
    you can call 0326185623 , MS YUZ . so that more ppl then more chance to argue with them (kinsadana).

    i also have get my key same case with you. Kinsadana only agree discount 10% from my last call to them.

    so hope this next week meeting can get more discount or even waive it.

    law 0168320208

  2. I have forgotten about this issues i raised up in my blog. All i know, i was given 10 % discount from Kinsadana which is not much after all. And Bank Muamalat until today never call me and i never follow up with them anymore I don't think they are trying to help me after all. Bank is still a bank, they want money and they will never give you money.


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