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Family Care

In certain situation when you are managing a terminally ill patient, you are actually treating the family and relative compare to treating the patient him/herself. A term DIL/DNR are used in hospital setting when you have decided that medical or surgical therapy will bring no benefit and may cause more harm to the patient. Or it may not bring benefit and only used to prolong patient life of suffering with pain. Euthanasia is not a common practice in most part of the world. I also did not agree personally to this method of painless killing of patient even sometimes dying is much better outcome for a patient compare to his/her suffering throughout the last day of their life. No. I am opposing Euthanasia.  So DIL/DNR bring much better definition in our practice in medical field. The term should reflect the quality of care that is given to that patient. Labelling DIL/DNR bring our attention that the patient need to be kept comfortable till the end of his or her time.  Most DIL/

kamen rider black henshin for real

Why Kamen rider black so cool even though the show was old. No matter what Kamen rider you put out today, i find that kamen rider Black still look cool. The music is not that lame, the transformation act (henshin) is brief and simple. As a whole, the whole thing about kamen rider black is brief and simple.Simplicity make it the best. I do not know when a kamen rider like this will ever appear again. For now, i only managed to digest Kamen Rider W as one of the best new generation Kamen Rider yet the story line of that show is not focus like what Kamen Rider black has to told. Hopefully, in the future, someone would create a super cool kamen rider like Black again. I don't want my child to grow up with a kamen rider that look colourful like a girl toy. Perhaps if my child is a girl she would tolerate that. But if he is a boy, he should grow up with a cool Kamen rider like Black.. and Black Rx.

Eminem - Berzerk (Official) (Explicit)

Slim Shady is back! While some sissy and pervert digging up miley cyrus naked mtv, eminem pop out with more old school hip hop and much worth listening to if you are a music enthusiasts. Eminem never failed to deliver a good lyrical style with always a fresh new music. None of the Eminem album deliver the same thing as the previous one. This song shows us that Eminem is still slim shady as he used to be before. Punch with a strong lyric and guitar strum, this hip hop masterpiece will be one of the best hip hop song in the gloomy and almost forgotten hip hop era. This song rock. Listen until the chorus where u will feel like u want to body slammed someone in a rock party! Haha.

Malaysia oil price increase by 20 cent.

Oil price went up last night. Mixed reaction can be observed over the internet. Some of them saying that it is not a big deal, why so angry about it. Look around as other country have higher oil price than our country.We should not be relying upon government subsidy anymore. Other people get angry. Expecting that the government is making the citizen life difficult. Afraid of impending higher cost of living and some of them 'congratulates' people who voted for current Malaysia government party on last election. "why angry? People need to understand the whole situation here. Our country did not have enough money to cope with current global economic trend so we have to modified ourselves. Oil price hike is a must" a facebook comment appear after 12 midnight. For my point of view, i will be more pro on behalf of the people who are frustrated with this move. Not to say that I am supporting fully to the opposition (as opposition already predict this will happen if cu