kamen rider black henshin for real

Why Kamen rider black so cool even though the show was old. No matter what Kamen rider you put out today, i find that kamen rider Black still look cool.

The music is not that lame, the transformation act (henshin) is brief and simple. As a whole, the whole thing about kamen rider black is brief and simple.Simplicity make it the best.

I do not know when a kamen rider like this will ever appear again. For now, i only managed to digest Kamen Rider W as one of the best new generation Kamen Rider yet the story line of that show is not focus like what Kamen Rider black has to told.

Hopefully, in the future, someone would create a super cool kamen rider like Black again. I don't want my child to grow up with a kamen rider that look colourful like a girl toy. Perhaps if my child is a girl she would tolerate that. But if he is a boy, he should grow up with a cool Kamen rider like Black.. and Black Rx.


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