Malaysia oil price increase by 20 cent.

Oil price went up last night. Mixed reaction can be observed over the internet. Some of them saying that it is not a big deal, why so angry about it. Look around as other country have higher oil price than our country.We should not be relying upon government subsidy anymore.

Other people get angry. Expecting that the government is making the citizen life difficult. Afraid of impending higher cost of living and some of them 'congratulates' people who voted for current Malaysia government party on last election.

"why angry? People need to understand the whole situation here. Our country did not have enough money to cope with current global economic trend so we have to modified ourselves. Oil price hike is a must" a facebook comment appear after 12 midnight.

For my point of view, i will be more pro on behalf of the people who are frustrated with this move. Not to say that I am supporting fully to the opposition (as opposition already predict this will happen if current government win last last election. For me, people who said that oil price hike is necessary also right but I do not agree that we should accept this thing as it is. As it never will have any impact on our future and our daily living.

People who supported this move as i observed tend to think about the center of the problem only which is oil price went up 20 cent per litre. Does not really reflect any problem there. However, do not be so comfortable and feel inside that circle of centre only.

What make people uncomfortable actually is the real damage this move will make. Imagine oil price as a circle. Outside the circle is an infinite border which other problem located. Thinking on the enlarging circle will be not significant but try to imagine how much movement of space will be created by only a few millimeters change in the circle diameter.

This worry me and everybody else. Do you remember when during Tun Abdullah period when he push up the oil price? Everything went up, house price, land price, goods, car, electric, vegetables, fruits, service charge, everything. The oil price went down later but other stuff prices never went down.

A simple 20 cent increase in oil price will ultimately causing all the selfish business people pushing what they sell to double up in price. As crazy as it sound, the cost of living will become higher than ever. It will stay there eventually.

Other area outside the circle is not about the increasing other goods prices but regarding how government spend their money. How much have we spend to unnecessary thing. How much government spend on campaigning in last election, how much money they have spend on 1Malaysia campaign, how much money have been spend by corrupted politician and corrupted government worker. I can see that 1malaysia laptop now are selling fast around Sabah. Selling fast when it supposed to be free. All this corrupted act should be look upon as moving the oil price will make citizen unrest and feeling unfair.

As i say, it is infinite border. I can't describe everything in this post. Just think whatever you want to think about and try to relate it with oil price increase. It will relate somehow.

So i hope that those people who are pro government, you are not wrong but try to think about this before you start calling people immature or no brainer when people get angry with oil price increase. Sometimes, we were very sure we are right, in the end we forgot to look around and think. Think outside the box. Think outside the circle.


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