BlackBerry Playbook Alternative Charger

Blackberry once released a tablet called Blackberry Playbook. It was a seven inch screen tablet, using swipe base features like what you can see in blackberry 10 nowadays. I believe, this is the first time blackberry try to introduce a device which do not own a single button. Much like blackberry z10.

Unfortunately, the tablet does not receive well by critics and those who never use blackberry. For me, i have used the device for almost 2 years now and I can say that Blackberry Playbook gave me the best experienced in surfing the web compare to Ipad and samsung galaxy tab.

However, other than the powerful browser, playbook does not deliver much. In term of app, there is nothing much for it inside blackberry world. I believe this is caused by the poor selling of the tablet around the world.

The tablet has potential but even blackberry itself does not support it continuation, update or maybe upgrading the tablet. So if people ask me if the tablet is good or not, i will say that i will not recommend it to other people.

However, i believe there is still people who use the tablet anyway. From time to time, the charging port for this tablet can be worn out. It has two charging port, one using microusb, one using magnetic type of charging device.

For your information, charger provided with playbook is not a normal phone charger. It is called rapid charger which deliver 1.8 A compare to other phone charger which usually only deliver 0.7A.

So if the charger broke down, the only alternative you can use to charge is using the magnetic port which so expensive if you want to buy it.

Alternatively, you can use Rapid charger from Samsung. The only thing you all need to see is whether the charger deliver 1.8A or 2A when charging. ranging from 1.8-2.0A can be used to charge the device.

Otherwise, you can actually charge it with normal phone charger using 0.7A but it will take longer time to charge. But if you turn off the screen, put it on standby, then it will charger more quickly.

I just realized that I do not need to buy the magnetic type charger or buy the original playbook charger to charge the device. Just use a cheap $3 normal phone charger and i still can use it like normal.

Maybe later need to change to Nexus 7. Just waiting for the right time to but a new tab...


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