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Eminem The Marshall Mathers LP 2 opinion review.

I have to admit that i am an Eminem Fan but still, i listen to variety of music. I love music in general but yes i prefer hip hop tune yet when playing music, i love metal.  After a month of waiting, in the end my Eminem MMLP2 arrived straight from USA. Pre order it from It has been a long time since i bought a new music CD. With current economy, buying a single sound much better. Plus, who need CD anyway. Even our car use USB Mp3 to play music.  I bought the album because as i mentioned, I am an Eminem fan. To add to my collection of Eminem album, I bought it and i bought it straight pre order from their production line.  All right, what do i think of the album? Its amazing. Yes it wont beat the original MMLP1 but it is something way better than Eminem Recovery. I do not know why people praised Recovery so much, for me a few song in recovery is quite awesome but who listen to Cinderella man or the song he wrote for his late best friend, proof? And almost all the

Buy TV online or offline? In East Malaysia Perspective

How often you have a feeling of buying something online and your guts tell you not to. You ask your friend and most of them did not bother to answer or discuss it with you. Perhaps some of them say 'dont buy online, later rosak , cannot claimed." Or some will say "buy online no warranty, no good". However, you must think that these people never ever in their life purchased something online. Scary cat? It is all about money, we should be scared. Anyhow, I just received my LG smart TV i order online, I do not want to mention from which side as it would be like an advertisement. I just say that i buy it somewhere from a local online shop. The result is, I save a few hundreds ringgit and I am using Smart TV now in my living room. No scratch on arrival. There is a lot of online shop now blooming all around the world. Malaysia is included. Within this 5 years, more and more online shop gaining reputation, good or bad, let us decide. Let just say from groceries to ele