Putatan Platinum Apartment update (Enter house)

After a long battle waiting for a hope that someone would pay my late payment charge, it seem that the battle will no longer valid. Day by day the interest keep building up and becoming higher. I decided to pay developer the amount of money they wanted me to pay.

It was such a pain looking at my money disappear just like that in a second.

I am still waiting for reply from my bank but it seems that they also did not bother about it. So basically, I am the only one fighting the battle. The bank and the developer both did not help me a bit.

The only help I get is when the developer gave me 10 percent discount on that late payment interest. So basically I saved about RM800.

So, finally I get the key for my apartment. What a relieved. No need to bother anymore about all those stupid interest and everything.

I have my own basement car park slot, i have my access key, my mailbox, so relieved to have my own apartment now.

Otherwise, there are a lot of rules need to be followed while staying in Putatan Platinum Apartment. Rules that make me feel like i do not own the house. Just feel like renting. I did not mind following rules for benefit of other but I see that the rules only applied to resident but non resident seems to freely roam that place and do whatever they like. A group of children from nearby slum can enter without any access card.

For now, my house still empty. No light bulb but already have water and electricity. Need to install door grill also.

There will be a lot of thing to do. I simply do not have time to do it. I need to do it.


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