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Can I remember my lunch during house officer time?  Every morning at 5.30am, my alarm clock from my beloved BlackBerry phone rang( I missed BlackBerry era),  it's time to get up and start working again.  The water feel so cold even when the heater is on.  Taking shower with my eyes closed.  Put on my shirt,  pray,  lab coat ( when was the last time I wash that coat?).  Not a big problem,  I will change to a new one later at my hospital. 5.50am. Trained to do thing quick in just 20 minutes I'm off to work.  I will have my breakfast later in hospital. Luckily my house just a traffic light and 2 round about away from hospital, i will reach hospital at around 6.00 am.  Work start at 6.30 am but when you start working at 6.30am, that means you are already late.  The heck to that,  I am off work at 12 midnight last night,  I don't care if  I am late or not in the morning!  Unfortunately,  I do care... With 70 patirents cranked up in the ward with us only  5 house officer

No respect Religion

I am proud to be a muslim,  a sabahan muslim.  But to call myself a Malaysian Muslim,  I will have a second thought. Is there any difference between Sabahan muslim and Malaysian muslim?  Sabah is a part of Malaysia.  Why it should be different.  We all pray the same way.  Fast in the same month and celebrate eid together.  We read the same Holy Quran.  There is no difference. Why do the term sabahan muslim exist? I also don't know why.  But if someone came to Malaysia,  there will first encounter the Malaysian Muslim people then we  they travel to Sabah or Sarawak the game change.  As everyone knows,  Sabah and Sarawak consist of many ethnic which are not practicing Islam.  Historically,  Islam was not the official religion in these region.  Some way and somehow later,  Islam was accepted as the official religion of Malaysia and we all do not want any difference between Malaya and Sabah Sarawak.  We are one country after all.  But the way we were brought up and teach is differe

Putatan Platinum Apartment: The Charges

I finally able to enter my house. Still under renovation, it basically empty with only electric and water. I could live with that. So I try staying there for 3 nights before I went on to my next trip to Kuching,Sarawak. Free place to stay, save money. I don't need TV or furniture. I just need a clean floor, a pillow and an electric fan to keep me cool. From my observation, this neighborhood is not the best neighborhood after all. There is a slum just beside this apartment area, and i do not know whether that slum looked village is even legal. The people there look illegal. One word to describe this place, it's overcrowded. With lots of shop and hypermarket (even a mall), everyday traffic are congested. Anyhow, the second day I'm in this apartment, the first thing I check is the mailbox. Wow, there are a lot of charges that i need to pay. Do i even own my own house apartment? I do not know. I feel like I'm renting in this place. There are services charges, sinking fun

Hi again

Is blog even relevant nowadays? It used to be a fun tool to play. But with the development of social app like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc... Who read blog anymore? A primitive way of browsing with a browser and find a blog that you want to read. Who want to read a hundred words page anyway. Now even news getting shorter. Even for me myself i love to read those micro news. Just a paragraph straight to the content and a significant picture. Easier to read and get updated. Who even use browser today? You want to read new entry from your friend, facebook or twitter app is there. You want to view their pictures, there's instagram. You want to read news, there's an app for it. Everything has an app for it. Just like a presentation slide, if you ever had one, the most boring presentation is the one with less word. So if you had a thought, why do you blog about it? No one will read it. Just tweet it and it will reach thousand more than a few reading your blog. We cannot run aw