Hi again

Is blog even relevant nowadays? It used to be a fun tool to play. But with the development of social app like facebook, twitter, whatsapp, etc... Who read blog anymore? A primitive way of browsing with a browser and find a blog that you want to read. Who want to read a hundred words page anyway.

Now even news getting shorter. Even for me myself i love to read those micro news. Just a paragraph straight to the content and a significant picture. Easier to read and get updated.

Who even use browser today? You want to read new entry from your friend, facebook or twitter app is there. You want to view their pictures, there's instagram. You want to read news, there's an app for it. Everything has an app for it.

Just like a presentation slide, if you ever had one, the most boring presentation is the one with less word. So if you had a thought, why do you blog about it? No one will read it. Just tweet it and it will reach thousand more than a few reading your blog.

We cannot run away or try to stop. When everyone is walking forward, you stop just to appreciate that stop, will you get anything from it. Just a great stop of appreciation but nevertheless everyone else are already  way in front of you. It cannot be stop. Just do not stop. Changes is imminent.

Now, most probably none will read this entry, but i love doing it. I am sick of facebook or tweet saying "hi", or "boring", or "goodnight". So lame. I want to read more than that  i want to know what are you thinking, what idea you have, and sharing such information make social network better. At least better than pointless tweet saying "goodnight".

By the way, it has been a long time since I write an entry. Life as a district medical officer is not relaxing as you think, especially when there are two mega project in that district with thousand new worker coming everyday.


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