Putatan Platinum Apartment: The Charges

I finally able to enter my house. Still under renovation, it basically empty with only electric and water. I could live with that. So I try staying there for 3 nights before I went on to my next trip to Kuching,Sarawak. Free place to stay, save money. I don't need TV or furniture. I just need a clean floor, a pillow and an electric fan to keep me cool.

From my observation, this neighborhood is not the best neighborhood after all. There is a slum just beside this apartment area, and i do not know whether that slum looked village is even legal. The people there look illegal. One word to describe this place, it's overcrowded. With lots of shop and hypermarket (even a mall), everyday traffic are congested.

Anyhow, the second day I'm in this apartment, the first thing I check is the mailbox. Wow, there are a lot of charges that i need to pay. Do i even own my own house apartment? I do not know. I feel like I'm renting in this place.

There are services charges, sinking fun, fire insurance, water bill... A total of 300+ ringgit. Sigh. I need a second parking and there is also a charge for that, 60 ringgit per month.

If I want to renovate my house i need to deposit 1000. If I bought a furniture, I need to deposit 500. Why do i need to pay deposit for work to be done at my own house!? Turn out that the deposit need to cover damage (if any) at the common area while renovation work. We didn't own the common area!

To think it logically, I pay that much money to the developer and that money , I believe, use to make that common area. I doubt the developer use their own money to create the common area.

This is the worse apartment management I have seen so far. But I just want to keep myself below the radar, so i just pay that deposit and hopefully I can  renovate my house without any disturb.

Perhaps later i will stay here a bit more longer.


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