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Medical Officer Lunch

Ni District version. Sure I had my lunch when  I became medical officer(MO) myself.  Posted in District,  there must be a hell lot of time to spare.  Or is it.  Now my blackberry era is over.  My HTC One alarm clock bell rang.  Already snooze it for a few times.  Why is is so hard to wake up in the morning.  It's 6.30 am.  Had my shower,  cold shower.  My house's heater broke.  This old government house build for doctors are poorly maintained.  Perhaps no one stay here before me for quite sometime. That's what they said.  I'm fully prepared for work by 7.30am.  Life much better now.  I'm staying alone in this lonely house,  my wife will join me here in a few weeks time.  If she came,  maybe she can make me some breakfast.  I am on call so breakfast would not be a problem.  There will be breakfast prepared by kitchen hospital for oncall MO.  In a few minutes time,  I will arrived in hospital and I will enjoy my breakfast.  A thing that is rare during house office