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Gaza vs Israel : Does not matter who you kill.

Malaysian as always will be the loudest people on the back and the quiet one when in front. It was proven again when looking into the conflict between Gaza and Israel. They shout, they cuss, they diss, they even destroy public and private property to show their support to Gaza. Nevertheless, for non muslim Malaysian, they bash facebook, spam everything talking about how stupid muslim shout, cuss, diss, destroy public and private property and somehow they did not support Gaza entirely and some even support Israel. Both are typical Malaysian. We will never get out from this mentality, and if someone did, he is a minority and need to be stop and isolated. My opinion and view, it does not matter who kill who, both are wrong in killing people. Obviously, Israel are inhuman by killing lot of children and innocence people, and in Gaza part or more to Hamas part, they also have blood in their hand. What is wrong with Muslim now suddenly becoming like terrorist like what westerner